Hpa an Guest House

The Hpa and Guest House

The Golden Sky Guesthouse, Hpa An: Top 10 guesthouses in Hpa-an, Myanmar The guesthouse in Hpa-an has been reserved 73 people. The guesthouse in Hpa-an has been reserved 4 people. The guesthouse in Hpa-an has been reserved 1 time. The guesthouse in Hpa-an has been reserved 1 time. We not only have guesthouses, we also have these accommodations!

Accommodation in Hpa-an

The Popular Soe Brothers' Guest House is the first port of call for backpackers in the city, although Parami and Galaxy are good choices. They are all in the city center at or near Thit Sar Street. The Thidar has a few grunge guest house choices that we would only suggest as last resort. A few very good new places around the lakeside are the Hotel Glory and the Gabbana Hotel, while the longer Royal Lake Inn also offers some inexpensive but essentialýoptions.

The other mid-range option just outside the city center is the United and Grand Hill hotels, although they go beyond their prime numbers. Than Lwin Paradise, the only one on the banks of the river, would be our option, just outside the city. The Zwegabin Resort is further out and Hpa-an Lodge further up.

From the outside it doesn't look like much, but the little Galaxy Motel is a pleasure. All of the air-conditioned, comfy rooms are a straightforward prize and nothing outlandish, but what makes Galaxy special is the extremely kind, supportive and funny own. Please have a look at our full report on Galaxy Motel. Good locations, great prospects, outstanding rooms and welcoming, supportive employees make Gabbana our clear midfield in the city in 2015.

See our full rating of Gabbana Hospitality. Overlook the horrible appearance of your home, because inside you will find cosy, tastefully decorated rooms at good prices and a tempting canteen. Hôtel Gory is a high, thin, ground-coloured, earthy brick. However, the 2015 opened property provides an impeccable, well-equipped, tastefully decorated and.....

See our full rating of Hôtel Glory. Although Hpa-an is located directly on the Than Lwin Riviera, Than Lwin Paradise is the only place we could find on a riverbank. Paradise, despite its name, is nothing conspicuous, but rather a sound middle-class resorts (instead of hotels) with lines of single detached houses that run vertically to the rivers.

See our full rating of Hotel Than Lwin Paradise. It is also a disadvantage because it is not really within easy walk from the center. See our full rating of Grand Hill Hotel. Please have a look at our full report about the Soe Brothers Guesthouse. There isn't much to choose from downtown, but the Parami Motel, with its inexpensive ventilator and split bathrooms and some climate control option, provides good support when one of the better choices - Galaxy and Soe Brothers - should be full.

See our full rating of Parami Motel. The Royal Lake Inn looks good from the outside and has a great position amidst bushes with a view of the west end of Khan Thar Yar Lake, but its rooms are only sufficient in the best case and very shabby in the worse case. See our full rating of Royal Lake Inn (Kan Thar Yar Guesthouse).

The Zwegabin Resort-style hotel looks great from the outside, with roomy villas in a park-like backyard that extends into the neat, well-equipped and breezy rooms. See our full review of Zwegabin Hotel. Please have a look at past editions.

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