Hpa an City

The Hpa and the city

Hpa An is the capital of the state of Kayin in Myanmar. The Hpa-an is a capital of the state of Kayin. Activities in Hpa-an, Burma Myanmar More about the Shweyinhmyaw Pagoda. The picturesque Kan Thar Yar See is located directly on the southern side of Hpa-an and is a rewarding stop next to a comfortable way point for a city walk. It has a beautiful view over the tree-lined east part of the lakes hore, behind which some calcareous rocks form a photo setting.

Learn more about Lake Kan Thar Yar. Kayin State Cultural Museum, located in an imposing Zwegabin Street edifice, is such a well-kept mystery that they have not yet thought it appropriate to put an Anglo-Saxon plaque outside. Learn more about the Kayin State Cultural Museum. Massively and dramatically rocky cliffs, known as Zwegabin, dominate the Hpa-an area.

Karen consider the digestion holy and it has become a symbolic event of the Kayin state. The Hpa-an soccer club is even known as Zwegabin..... More about Zwegabin. Visiting the beautiful Saddar Cave is one of the high points of Kayin State. Zwegabin's karsts of calcareous stone and the many rugged, hilly foothills that sprout suddenly from the rice field around Hpa - a multitude of caverns.

Saddan (sometimes spelled Saddan) includes a cavern shrine, but also a walk through subterranean corridors to the other side of a hill and a walk back with wood..... More about Saddar caves. Hpa-an's Kyauk Kalat Pagoda is a breathtaking stupa-limestone tip, located on a small island with monastery houses, which lies in a pond with blank herons and is encircled by rice fields.

It is a beautiful mountain with the Zwegabin as a dramatical scenery.....

It is further out of the city on the way to Thaton, so not on all the usual Zwegabin routes and sees fewer people. More about Bayin Nyiave. Kawgun, one of the most dramatic caverns in the area, is situated in a small rocky area overlooking the Hpa-an on the Thaton Highway.

Astonishing Buddhistic woodcarvings and stuccos line the flat caves and calcareous rocks and are said to go back to the 7th c. More about Kawgun Cave. The Kaw Kathaung (or Ka Thaung) cave is located in a rocky area just northern of Zwegabin. Kathaung is another common stopover on every Zwegabin daily trip.

Learn more about the Kaw Kathaung Cave and settle in New Bagan. Please have a look at past editions.

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