Hpa an Caves

Caves and Hpa

Hpa-An Saddar den Visiting the beautiful Saddar Caves is one of the high points of Kayin State. Zwegabin's karsts of calcareous stone and the many rugged, hilly foothills that sprout suddenly from the rice field around Hpa - a multitude of caves. Saddan (sometimes also called Saddan) includes a cavern shrine, but also a walk through subterranean corridors to the other side of a hill and a trip back with a wood-raft.

Saddar Cave is entered by a few kilometers of country lane from the road Hpa-an to Mawlamyine. It is situated at the bottom of a small staircase on the south-western side of the hill. You will find an imposing entry hall with various sculptures of Stalactite, Stupa, a large lying Buddha and beautiful gold-painted plaster decorations on the cavewals.

Whilst you must take off your boots before you enter this place of worship, you must take them with you, as you will get off in another way. On the way to the back of the first cavern - to the south of the lying Buddha - an subterranean corridor leads further through the centre of the Mont.

Electrical illumination is available on demand and with a contribution of 1,000 kyats per capita to the caves' entry area. As soon as you pass the main stamp of the caves, it is okay to put your boots back on, as you will walk several hundred meters through the hill on a terrain that varies between cement stairs, rock, sand and a few centimeters of bats poop.

A 15-minute stroll will immerse you in a breathtaking scenery on the eastern side of the hill as the gallery opens to discover a scenic tree-lined pools. People will throw you over the swimming pools into another tunnels, this times full of running waters.... please login to view the other part.

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