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Traveling in Burma: 5 Reasons to Come to Hpa An Perhaps Hpa An is not a goal that comes to your minds when you think of Burma, but I certainly trust I can convince you otherwise - because it is definitely worth someone's Burma pail rank. Situated on the Thanlwin River, Bat Cave is home to ten thousand bat species. The Sadan cavern begins as a typically Myanmar grotto, full of Buddha pictures and even houses a lying Buddha inside. But after following a series of light fixtures to the back of the cavern, I reached a secret pond! At 722 meters, the Zwein Kabin is the highest summit in the region and the best overlook.

Situated on a calcareous peak on a small islet in a sea at the bottom of Mount Two Cabin, Kyauk Ka Lat seems almost to resist the force of gravity. Despite the fact that the mountain is a small mountain, the mountain is a very small city. Lumbini Gardens, generally known as Buddha Park, does credit to its name. During my visit I was in a box of sitting Buddha sculptures (actually 1,150), each identically arranged in clean series!

Meanwhile every imaginable centimeter of the Kaw Gun Cave is decorated with Buddha pictures, many of which date from the seventh centuary. At the end of the month of September, Hpa An and the landscape of Burma is the most beautiful and greenest. When Hpa An has aroused your interest, contact one of our Burmese experts to schedule a tour to suit your needs, tastes and budgets.

Hpa-An on a journey to Burma (Myanmar).

We have put together a list of accommodations for you when you come to Hpa-An. Decisions are usually based on their nature, equipment, and services or locations. Hotel Zwe-Ka Bin is a modest estate on the edge of Hpa An, surrounded by beautiful lime stone hills overlooking Mount Zwe-Ka Bin. Hpa-an Lodge is situated at the base of Zwegabin Mountain and is a convenient shop outlet just a quick ride from Hpa-an's small but busy city.

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