The trip to Hpa-an in southern Burma is a nice change from the Yangon. Hpa An is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Hpa-an (pronounced "Pa-an"), small and inviting enough to get quickly acquainted, is a pleasant place to hang out. The Galaxy Motel Hpa-An offers air-conditioned accommodation in Hpa-an. Next day you drive to Hpa-An, where you will see rice fields, coconut plantations and traditional villages.

Traveling in Burma: 5 good reason to come to Hpa An

Hispano An may not be a target that comes to your minds when you think of Burma, but I certainly hopes that I can convince you otherwise - because it is definitely worth on everyone's Burma Buckets schedule. Situated on the bank of the Thanlwin River, Bat Cave is home to ten thousand bat species, as the name states.

The Sadan Cape begins as a characteristic Myanmar cavern, full of Buddha pictures and even houses a lying Buddha inside. After I followed a line of candles to the back of the cavern, I reached a secret area! The Zwe Kabin at 722 meters is the highest mountain in the area and the best viewpoint.

Situated on a small islet in a small pond at the bottom of Mount Zwe Kabin, Kyauk Ka Lat almost seems to resist the force of gravitation. Known as Buddha Park, Lumbini Gardens does justice to its name. During my visit I was in a box of sitting Buddha sculptures (1,150 to be exact), each identically arranged in clean lines!

Meanwhile, every imaginable centimeter of Kaw Gun Cave is coverd with Buddha pictures, many of them from the seventh age. At the end of the monsoons, from September, Hpa An and the landscape of Burma is the most beautiful and greenest. When Hpa An has aroused your interest, contact one of our Burma experts to schedule a journey to suit your needs, tastes and budgets.

Arrival & Activities

Many of our trips to Burma were scheduled by Ana and I to have the opportunity to get together with our local colleagues, and due to time problems we had four additional nights and had to stay near Yangon, Burma's capitol. Ana and I pointed our nose at Hpa-an, a small and dozy little village about seven hrs south-west of Yangon (Rangoon for those who like the alternative spelling) on the advice of our comrades.

The Hpa-An has met all my expectations: small, country, fairs, people and walks in the country. "It' d be selling off the folks in the city and probably convincing some folks to move their packs and trolleys in that way. Monks take charity in the early sun at the Hpa-An fair in Burma.

The small city of Hpa-An, Burma? Now, I can't selling you as an adventurous junky locale, and this little city may never find its way into a book. Instead, the city is charming and lightweight; it is a place with kind faces and long conversations with Ana on long walks through paddy fields and colored canyons.

There is a nice viaduct through the paddy fields and karstic cliffs connecting several country hamlets outside Hpa-An. It is easier to reach small cities, it is easier to run through the minute neighbourhoods, the pace of living is slowing down and the natives have enough free rein and desire for a pleasant rush, even a little conversational when they are speaking English.

At Hpa-An, without access to the web in the hotels (sometimes this is a true blessing), and a desire for refreshing coffees (in contrast to the free instants available in the hotel), I went to the lively early bird markets at dusk, which can be seen from the windows of my guest house. SUNISRE wipe the schist neatly and the buyers and sellers on the twilight markets in Hpa-An hum with enthusiasm.

Local trucks, bicycles and local and early spring and early spring produce are piled up and available for sale. Woman swing their choppers and throw the daily stock of meats for the city. As a lonely traveller, a smirk splitted my face while a lush green water melon was dripping out of my palm as I greeted the people of Hpa-An that mornings with a smile, a smile of joy and the rhythm of a long-established routines that was like an exquisite, clocked ball.

Florists are chatting friendly on the early bird markets in Hpa-An, Burma. Hpa-An, Burma from the Soe Brothers Guesthouse with a view of the fair. An hour later, one of the Soe Brothers Guesthouse Ana's and mine willing owner left in a wood cabin near a farmland, with a smiling old lady who sold sodas and sweets to anyone who made a trip to the caves.

Then he gave us clear directions for returning to the city, a good call from his side, because for the remainder of the morning the only clear English we had was! Ana and I were abandoned with a cheerful sea and a "see ya later" with a hand-drawn card in our arms, showing a way through paddy fields to various caverns and sanctuaries with pictures and Buddha sculptures and a near-by swim pit loved by the natives.

She is quite old enough to guide us on our menu to the various places, and she enjoys it more when she has some controls, especially on a days when she explores trails, caverns, temples, corners and corners. Kawkathaung Cave near Hpa-An, Burma on a full-time excursion from the Soe Brothers Guest House.

The Kawkathaung and Ruby caverns were found full of Buddhas. There was a small man-made swimmingpool with clean waters branched off from the nearby paddy fields and swimming diners loved by teenagers who came to a motorcycle and they flocked into the bay with snickering excitement, jesting and jesting like almost every other 16 to 20 year old in the whole wide globe.

After a happy chat at the indoor pool near the cave, teens beckon us to say good-bye. Ana' testing the cold water at the swimmin' pool near Hpa-An, Burma. The flood of paddy fields swam across vast open spaces of footbridges, and giant smiles splintered the faces of the natives as we wandered through the small dirty roads woven through each town.

Best regards as we walked through the very rustic landscape in Hpa-An, Burma. Sitting and chatting about our days, our projects and our lives as we saw the sunshine spilling over the mountains and dales around Hpa-An in the early afternoons. They wanted a relaxed outing with some sights, but surrounded by down time and sleeping, and Hpa-An was the ideal place for all these things.

As Ana looks at the paddy fields and towns where we have been. So we went down the trodden rock stairs, followed the country lane back to the highway and called a lorry that wanted to drive by and leave us in the city. It couldn't have been better, and it's one of those few times that I really only found when I was slowing down and enjoying the pace of living in every new city.

Hpa An is about five and a half hour from Yangon, and budgets can't go astray with Soe Brothers Guesthouse (it's one of the few inns in the city, so it was simple to drop right here). Busses go from Yangon to Hpa-An (maybe 7h on a good day) to get to Kyaiktiyo, the Golden Rock, by lorry for very upbeat 5-7h.

Booking your tour through the Soe Brothers Guesthouse. You are fluent in English and can organise trips to Zwegabin mountain, the nearby caverns and everything there is to do in the city. If you are staying in a middle class motel 10 km outside the city, you can also reserve your accommodation through Soe Brothers.

Tomorrow's fair is great and a good place to have a road meal when you are eating meats (vegetarians are better off in the restaurant/shop near the Soe Brothers).

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