How to Visit Myanmar from India

Visiting Myanmar from India

You can print the letter to get in. Place all of the above in a package with your passport, then show it to the immigration officer upon arrival in Myanmar. That's how we want to take this road trip: Myanmar - India to Thailand - Road Trip Itinerary. I' ve tried to explain: "Why you should not miss Tamu & Moreh when you are in Manipur.

Visit to Myanmar from Manipur, India - an adventure for life

Burma is a frontier region next to the state of Manipur in India. From Imphal in India, people visit the town of Tamu in Myanmar. This 4-hour trip through the Himalaya mounds and dales is full of adventures. Visiting Myanmar from Manipur is a lifelong one. Tamu is located 110 kilometres from Imphal, the Indian capitol of Manipur, in the surrounding Myanmar Heights.

People who come to Manipur also visit the neighboring Myanmar to see the scenic countryside. From Imphal it will take 4 hrs to Tamu, the adjacent town of Myanmar. Because it is located at high altitudes, the riders usually leave at 9.00 to 9.00 am. In Manipur it is raining all year round and the undulating streets are full of pot holes.

In this way, the riders keep a top pace of 70km/h. In general, safari automobiles are best for driving the long distances. There' three check points along the way. Safety representatives from India thoroughly check the vehicle on the road at these points. People are asked why they want to go to Myanmar.

At the third checkpoint, located in the adjacent town of Moreh, India, paperwork is being done to obtain entry into Myanmar. Papers include Xerox photocopies of India's police passes for police officials, Xerox photocopies of the vehicles they travel.

Visitor's address, the purpose of the trip to Myanmar, the length of the visit and the distances to be covered must be stated. Burma is one hours ahead of India. Thus the visitor reaches the town of Tamu in Myanmar usually at 14.30 o'clock, India to.

Myanmar is usually 3.30 pm. In general, India travellers are permitted to visit places in Myanmar for 2 hrs and are about 50 km from Tamu. There' s a nice Indo-Myanmar friendship viaduct that divides the two states. Part of the viaduct is in India.

Burmese (part of Myanmar) is amber. Any permissions and passports will be issued at the Tamu PD. Then, the visitor travels to their Myanmar destination. There' s a wonderful Buddhist monastery in the town of Tamu. People praying in the monastery. Afterwards, we will have a meal at the hotels in Tamu.

Burma used to be known as Myanmar. Yangon, the former name of the capitol, was Rangoon. Tamu restaurant offers free poultry chowder. At the agreed upon hour in Tamu the trip back home begins at about 3.30 pm in India. Once again, the visitor stands in front of the three checkpoints. Once again, people will be expecting to leave the cars and the cars will be thoroughly inspected by the India Forces.

Unless anything unsuspicious is confiscated, the riders are permitted to go back. It'?s a very dangerous way back. Since Myanmar lies in the far easternmost part of the country, the setting day is 4 p.m. India-wide. There is a lot of mist from the end of September to the beginning of March. This means that the driver cannot travel more than 60 km/h on the winding, undulating road.

Snapshots of the Himalayas are taken on the way back. It' ll take another three after that. For those who have small kids, the trip becomes more challenging. In general, travellers are travelling in AC Safari vehicles, so there is no room to experience the outside world.

It' the same street from which Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose joined India with the Japan military in the early 1940s, and led the India National Arme. War Memorial was made to commemorate the courageous Indians who died in the hard struggle against the British in the mid-1940s.

Back then, the USA dropped the atomic weapon in Heroshima and Nagasaki and Israeli troops withdrew. Because of the fall rates, the temperatures drop to more than 5,000 ft above the surface when the visitor is in the town of Tamu and Moreh, and rise when the Imphal is approaching, which is within 1000 ft above the surface.

Guests experience the variety of this part of the globe. You will also see how the Great Himalayas divided India from its neighbors Myanmar, China and Tibet. A lot of people take video clips from their trip to Myanmar and back with them. Coming back to their Imphal hotel by 7 pm, guests are feeling really weary.

During the whole afternoon we will see the different places in Myanmar. Although it has been strongly affected by China, Japan's cultures are almost as different as two neighbouring nations can ever be.

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