How to Visit Myanmar

Visiting Myanmar

The days when you had to travel to an embassy in Myanmar to get a visa for entry are over. A visit to Myanmar can now be in the best interest of the people to help the local economy and promote engagement. Watch the world go by as you cruise down the Irrawaddy River in a slow boat from Mandalay to Bagan. Witness to the famous Intha Fisher's leg rudder technique on the picturesque Inle Lake. Southeast Asia is regularly used as a collective term for the countries south of China and north of Australia, but that makes Myanmar unique.

If you should come to Myanmar

Myanmar is best visited between December and March when the temperature is comfortable, the sky is clear and the air is low. Precipitation is low during these seasons and the mean day temperature is in the low 1930s (Celsius). April and November are also good seasons to explore Myanmar, and April especially if you are enjoying warm tropic weathers.

While April is usually arid and very warm, November marks the end of the verdant seasons and can thus welcome a few showers of rain. So, if you don't object to traveling with an umbrella at your fingertips, a trip in the middle of the year can be a good moment to be in Myanmar. Jannuary - April:

Rainfall is low throughout the entire season, with minimum rainfall in the first few moths of the year and the year extending to April with the onset of the nearing apogee. The air moisture is also at a yearly low during this time, with January - March still relatively low at almost 0% air moisture and April at 26%.

Though not the most severe in Southeast Asia, the MONSUN period in CMB is one of the longest over six monsoons. Unusually, around the July period there is a calm in the rainy period, with average values of only 90mm, while May and October have 140mm and 120mm respectively.

However, the temperature follows a more regular patterns with an annual mean of 34°C in May, which decreases continuously until it hits 27°C in October. The air moisture during this season can be extremely high, with a relative air moisture of 100% in July and August. Northwest: November - December: It is a good season to come to Myanmar if you want to stay away from the hot summers.

May to October is the wet seasons in the south of Myanmar. Precipitation increases rapidly from about 60 mm in May to its climax of 260 mm in July; this precipitation is usually in the shape of large storm in the afternoons. There is a thick layer of rain during the month of July and August, which makes a bright sunshine very unlikely, and fading out the summer in July and August increases the air moisture to 100%.

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