How to Visit Myanmar

Visiting Myanmar

IN MYANMAR: 5 FOUNDATIONS WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND MYANMAR Myanmar could be the paradise you're looking for if you're looking for an experience in Southeast Asia that's a little different from most others. One of a kind as it may be secretive, it is a jewel not to be explored! This is why you should make your reservations and go to Myanmar.

You will not be overcome with emotions when you take a nocturnal stroll around the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar's main city Yangon or get goose bumps as you watch the sun rise over the hundred shrines in Bagan. Myanmar has a permanent sense of the hereafter - the land shimmers with a kind of magical power that cannot be caught with a camerawork.

Buy one of Burma's finest sarongs - iongyi - before you visit a sanctuary and take a shoe pocket like the natives for a bare-foot outing. With Myanmar only opening its doors to international travelers a few years ago, it is still quite a mystery and it is unlikely that you will ever see hundreds of tourist taking the best shots in many of the most loved tourist destinations.

Myanmar is one of the most comfortable places you will ever be. In contrast to some places in South East Asia, which are hard hit by a steady stream of tourists and sellers, Myanmar's residents are thankful for your customs and curiosity to know why you came to their stunning state.

Ride a roller through impressive Bagan temple or ride the gravel paths at Lake Inle and you will be amazed by Myanmar's pristine scenery. Because of the shortage of extensive tourist activities, the lovely hills, the quaint countryside and the breathtaking panoramic stretches are intact.

Myanmar has only the youngest westerly impact in its most populous areas and is still very modest in its way of life. People from Southeast Asia are the only ones who can come to Myanmar without a visitor's permit, so make sure you do your research where you come from!

Travelers from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain and EU member states (except Liechtenstein) can travel in with an e-visa, but with a dual cheque so you won't have any problems upon arrival. Have you any referrals about what to do in Myanmar that are not on the mailing lists?

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