How to Visit Myanmar

Visiting Myanmar

Boat to the village of Mingun to visit the pagodas and local craftsmen. To find out more about travel to Burma, please visit I have travelled a lot in recent years, but every time someone asks me what my favorite country is, I don't hesitate.

Surrounded by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, Myanmar is littered with golden pagodas and warm greetings. The visitors enjoy the untouched natural beauty of the country.

The Pope said of the military chief: "No faith discrimination" in Myanmar | World Newspaper

Myanmar's mighty military leader, Pope Francis, has said that there is "no form of religion discrimination" in the land during the discussions at the beginning of the Pope's delicately visited, mostly Buddhaist, national party charged with "ethnic cleansing" of the Muslim Rohingya population. A thousand Catholics greeted Pope Francis in the country's capitol, Naypyidaw, where he paid a three-day trip to Myanmar on Monday.

This journey - full of sensibility and fear as to how he will cope with the distress of Muslim Rohingya - could be the most difficult of his dad. Myanmar has no religion whatsoever," the head of the armed forces said to the mayor. Our armed forces are also committed to the cause of international peacemaking and stability," it says in a Facebook mail released by the General Secretariat a few hour after the rally.

In Myanmar there is also "no interethnic discrimination," he added. Vatican said that the Monday night session with General Min Aung Hlaing and three officers of the Office for Emergency Missions in Myanmar took place at the Myanmar Archbishop's home and took about 15 mins. The Vatican spokesperson, Greg Burke, did not disclose any particulars of the personal gathering, except to say that "they talked about the great responsibilities of the country's government at this point of transition".

Mr. Min Aung Hlaing is responsible for Rakhine State defence operation, where the police have started a major anti-Rohingya Muslim offensive that has displaced more than 620,000 people to neighboring Bangladesh, what the UN calls an "ethnic cleansing" operation. Francis' appointment with the commandant was set for Wednesday but was postponed to a few hour after he arrived in Naypyidaw.

In the next few get-togethers with the country's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi. When he landed on Monday afternoons, the Holy Father was welcomed by a large number of people at the airfield, many waved the Vatican flag and wore T-shirts with the motto of the journey "Love and Peace".

However, the leader of the Roman Catholic churches is facing a delicate act of diplomacy on his first Pope mission to Myanmar. The very mention of the term "Rohingya" would trigger a fire storm in the land of the Buddhist multitude, where the army and the regime insult the minorities and prefer to call them "Bengalese", suggesting that they are migrants.

A lot of people who fled a military expedition came with gunshot marks and said their houses had been destroyed. It followed an assault on Rohingya fighters' safety post on 25 August, who, according to the Indonesian authorities, are guilty of abuse. This year the Holy Father has already mentioned the Rohingya in two Vatican pleas and called them "our Rohingya brethren and sisters".

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archiepiscopal of Naypyidaw, who told Francis not to use the name. "We asked him not to use at least the word'Rohingya' because that is a controversial term that is not accepted by the Myanmar army, the Myanmar administration or the Myanmar people," Bo said this office .

This 51 million-population nation comprises some 650,000 Catholics, about 150,000 of whom were to make the Pope's trip to the city. Amidst the crowds at the airfield, a man who asked not to be mentioned said he was hoping Francis would not fall into trouble.

"He is not coming here to interfere in this matter in a physical way.... At the present time we are trying to establish our democracy. Complete diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Myanmar were forged in May during a trip by Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, whose overall reputation was clouded by the shelling.

After visiting Myanmar, Francis will go to Bangladesh to see Rohingya migrants.

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