How to Visit Myanmar

Visiting Myanmar

It takes about three hours, but you get off at Da Nyin Gone Station to visit a lively local market. Responsible visits to Myanmar. Have a look at our "Dos and Don'ts for tourists" cartoons. Free download at www.dosanddontsfortourists.

com. The cultural wealth of Myanmar and its impressive natural beauty make it a destination that will awaken your soul.

Thirteen things tourists should know before coming to Myanmar

No one, not even the visitor, can accept pointing with their foot at someone or something, especially not at the Buddha people. It' regarded as very impolite, as the foot is regarded as the most irreverent part of the skull. Also keep your legs away from furnishings. Just as the human foot is disrespected, the human mind is the holiest part of the being.

Pagoda and temple guests should take off their boots before walking on them, as well as all kinds of boots. Burmese are very worshippers and take their buddhistic faith seriously, ignoring these regulations is regarded as unbelievably rude. It is better to keep them secure than to apologize and just take off their boots if they are not sure where to take off their boots because there are no clear directions.

Celebrating, sleeping or drinking on the Myanmar Mariagodas, sanctuaries and other places of worship is prohibited. The visitor should also know which temple and Pagoda they are not allowed to ascend. As a rule, there are fairly clear indications of where these places are, but it is known that tourist climbs over or around preventive actions (e.g. railings) and enters closed areas.

Knee and shoulder should be overcast before going to places of worship. It is important to be respectable even in Bagan, where many of the temple and pagoda do not have anyone to observe or persecute who comes and goes. First-time Myanmar residents will see that the tourist form will require that they fill in a hospitality or accommodation information when applying.

The reason for this is that all accommodations must be authorized by the Burmese Ministry of Tourism. Booking in advanced as rates tends to increase as more and more people visit Myanmar and rooms become scarce in high seasons.

Myanmar residents are likely to encounter many young kids asking for tourist cash in various currencies. You will probably begin the discussion with the question of where they come from before they ask for the local exchange from whatever nation. It' s going to be very unpleasant to refuse a kid, but if possible, try not to give them any inconvenience.

To give them funds could have unintentional repercussions, for example, it will encourage more kids to mendicant and keep them in poor, in pover. This also gives the kids the impression that schooling is superfluous if they can just earn an incomes of people. Anyone who accepts or gives with the lefthand can be regarded as particularly impolite.

Distribute the riches a little and invest your funds in your own facilities and with as many as possible. Putting all your cash in one place isn't gonna help many folks. Instead, discover each town and try the streetside kitchens, stay away from international accommodations and help the natives.

Two forks and a scoop are necessary to get a meal in Myanmar. Put the meal on the tray (with a forks in the visitors lefthand) and gobble it up. It' not necessarily regarded as impolite to use implements like in the West, but as in most cases it is better to feed and feed like the people.

Southeast Asian home-style cooking is the kitchen of the future. However, people should not consume all the foods they see on the Myanmar roads. A lot of people spend an hour too much time embracing the china dish because they have made rash and imprudent choices. Make sure you check all the stands in the kitchen before eating, and those with a faint gut should be especially careful when you choose what and where you want to have it.

Travellers coming to Myanmar must be sure that the changes they want to make are relatively new and intact. All US dollar that do not appear to meet Myanmar's high standard are likely to be rejected, especially at the country's major airport. However, do not get away from these invoices yet, as many accommodations easily accepts these older or crumbling invoices.

These green travellers will be sorry to learn that like many other South East Asia destinations, Myanmar's mains supply is insecure.

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