How to Visit Myanmar

Visiting Myanmar

The visit to this mysterious and often forgotten country of Southeast Asia was one of the most worthwhile things we have ever done! The advantage of visiting Myanmar during the hot or wet season is that fewer tourists and therefore lower prices can be expected. Her Majesties The King and Queen began their state visit to the Republic of Myanmar today. The Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM) is established to market Myanmar as a preferred destination. Might as well visit Myanmar now.

Top 10 good reason to visit Myanmar

See the game as you descend the Irrawaddy Riviera in a slower speed ship from Mandalay to Bagan. Have a look if you can discover the uncommon Irrawaddy dolphin, which are supposed to help the locals by sending them to their fishing mets. The dolphin will be awarded with a part of the fishing of the people!

The Irrawaddy River fishermen traditionally claim that certain of them were associated with certain fishermen's communities. Testimony to the renowned Intha fisher's rowing techniques on the scenic Inle Lake. Overlooking the gilded cupola of the Shwedagon Pagoda is a stupa with over 7,000 jewels, robin, topaz, sapphire and a solid sapphire that reflects the last beams of the sundown.

Thai, Mandarin and Hindi influence make Myanmar's kitchen one of the best in Asia. For those who love teas, you must visit a tee house and try the lettuce! Discover treasure at the historical Bogyoke Aung San Market, where Burma's handicrafts, antiquities and jewelry are sold.

At the center of the store jewelers selling celebrated Myanmarjeade, Myanmar ruby and other gems. Visiting a nearby brewery and enjoying the cold, fresh Myanmar for only 50 cents a snifter! The beerstations are more than just stands at the roadside, they are more like your own waterhole, where everyone knows your name.

Hike through jungle-covered calcareous summits in the depths of the Sah highland and spend the night in a secluded Sahan town. Enjoy rural living by participating in the preparation of some folk food for dinner (with a helper from your hosts), visiting a nearby farmyard and help, attending an evening class in our language schools or learning the "circus-like" way to transport goods in basket on your heads!

Burma is a must on the Southeast Asian backpackers tour and it' s right, but if you want to see Myanmar in its true shape, now is the right moment to go!

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