How to Visit Burma

Visiting Burma

At night we visit one of the spectacular monuments in Myanmar, the Shwedagon Pagoda. Competent advice on bustling markets, towering pagodas, tropical jungles and crumbling colonial buildings. It is a unique opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful parts of Burma (now Myanmar).

What does it pay to visit Burma for three wards?

During February and March 2014 we left our dear Thailand and went to the unfamiliar Burma. Though Burma was a place where we needed a great deal of planning, with Amy as an exceptional designer, it was a piece of cake! From Bangkok we went to Yangon and organized our Burma visa and US$ in the two week before our arrival.

During our stay we visited the most important places of interest of Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Kalaw and Lake Inle. Most of our accommodations have been reserved in advanced and all of our hotel transportation has been organized and we have departed the state on a return flight from Yangon to Bangkok. Here is how much it costs to visit Burma for 20 nights.

There was not much to do in Burma and the cost of the activities varied greatly; you could only afford 0.20 to visit the interesting children's home of Aung San Suu Kyi while it cost £5 to see the Shwedagon Pagoda. Htun drove us through the National Museum in Yangon and our two trips in and around Mandalay were expensive and unimpressive.

Upon arrival at Bagan and Inle your coach will stop at a check point and you are paying the admission charge, for us it seemed rewarding for Bagan as it was covering access to all sanctuaries, but not for Lake Inle, as we still had to afford a trip on the lake, which seemed to be just another way to get as much tourist money as possible.

And we knew that our lodging cost for Burma would be high because there is a lack of hotel facilities for the growing number of visitors coming into the nation now and the holders have to buy an expensively licensed tourism. That has put Burma at the top of our list of Asia, although we have taken a few night busses to reduce our overhead.

Had between £15 and 21 per person per dark in Burma; on statistic £17. 83 per dark. Most of the properties were of quite bad standard compared to other Asiatic destinations; our favorite accommodation was Lake Inle at the Princess Garden Hotel, which was also the most costly.

There were warm wather bathroom and ventilators in Kalaw and Lake Inle and A/C in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. Wifi in Burma is so impoverished that it would have been better if it hadn't been there; we wouldn't have spent so much of our lives going out.

It' fairly to say that we had to struggle with eating in Burma; we had as much as possible for our free breakfasts and had a proper supper, which we could find later in the morning with a few sandwiches in between. It was much simpler in Lake Inle and Bagan, where there were a few good places to eat and bakery where we could find good sandwiches.

However, our favorite was Be Kind To Animals in Bagan, the meal was great and the personnel really welcomed you. Apart from that, there wasn't much to boast about for us in Burma when it came to eating. There was a great deal of India cooking that we thought we might like, but it was very dull and tepid, so we were worried about more gastric pain.

However, it was very inexpensive and Burma has been the least costly place to eat; a thing to point out that we did not consume it in Burma, it was just too high. Although we found the least costly flight from Bangkok to Yangon, they have almost nearly doubling our overall transportation expenses for Burma.

Burma's busses were quite cheap, our best was from Yangon to Mandalay; a luxurious, broad and lying down van where each of us had his own TV with a choice of films - a similar van in Thailand that covers the same route is twice as expensive. While we wanted to take a souvenir from Kalaw to Lake Inle, everyone who came by was full, so we took a personal vehicle for about 12 and let other visitors drive on the canopies!

Then we took the roundtrip in Yangon, which took about three hour to finish the whole lap. During our visit to Mandalay we had to make payment for the trip back to Inwa and since we didn't want to use the sad horse and its cart, we were taken by motorcycle around Inwa.

We hired e-bikes twice in Bagan and regular bicycles for the whole days in Lake Inle. The largest difference in our expenses was our Burma visa, which we screened a few week before we departed from Bangkok and which was below 20 per capita for a whole months. There were the common linen, toiletries and incidental expenses, for example when we hired an e-bike in Bagan, we got some really weird looks when we declined to drive it without a hard hat.

On the whole, Burma is an expansive Asia traveling destination. Costly things such as lodging and flying into the countryside far outweighs the very inexpensive foods and sensible transportation inland. But if you take the cost of airfare and visas with you, traveling in Burma is equivalent to the remainder of Asia, even less than in some states.

This is our overall price for a visit to Burma for 20 days: We use Trail Wallet as always to keep an eye on all our expenses; you can view all our expense reports by countries here.

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