How to use Muse

Use Muse

The MUSE uses an applicator to deliver a medicinal pellet with alprostadil, which is gently inserted into the tip of the penis. For this video, we use the color and title block to change the look of a template. Use of MUSE (alprostadil) The MUSE uses an applier to dispense a medicinal penile pill containing pyrostadil, which is softly introduced into the tip of the wick. All MUSE applications come in a single bag for your comfort. Directly before administering, repeatedly pee and softly stir to eliminate surplus sebum.

MUSE is administered through a wet urinary tract. Drugged pellets have been specifically designed to disperse the small amount of urethral fluid that is left in the urinary tract after passing water. To open the plastic bag, tear it open completely from the notch rim. Slip the MUSE application out of the bag.

Keep the bag for later disposal of the MUSE application. In order to take the cap off the shaft of the appliance, keep the appliance in place with your thumbs and index fingers. Turn the housing and slide the appliqué out of the lid, taking care not to press or slide out the appliqué knob.

Do not touch the tip and shaft of the application device. Keep the lid for later disposal of the MUSE appliance. Check the MUSE application visual. MUSE system is transparent and you can see the medical grade granules at the end of the pen. Ensure that the pallet is present before use.

Keep the appliance in the most convenient position for you. Sit or stand, whichever is more convenient for you, take a few seconds to expand the entire length of the erection softly and gradually, with soft downward pressure from the top of the duff. Slide the MUSE application shaft gradually into the urinary tube up to the neck of the appliance.

When you experience uncomfort or a feeling of tension, pull the appliance slightly out and then carefully replace it. Carefully press the knob on the top of the appliance all the way down. This is important to make sure that the drug tablet is fully liberated. Keep the applier in this location for 5 seconds.

Check the tip of the applier to see if the medicine is out of theapplier. Don't even hit the handle. When you find a residue of medicine at the end of the applier, carefully replace it in the urinary tract and repeating step 7, 8 and 9.

In this way it is ensured that the drug is sufficiently dispersed on the urethral wall. Keep in mind that each MUSE application is only suitable for a specific application. Put the lid back on the MUSE application, place it in the opened film bag, collapse the bag and dispose of it as regular domestic wastes.

Important: After you have given MUSE, it is important to remain seated or preferable to stay or leave for 10 min during the development of the penis area.

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