How to Travel within Thailand

To travel within Thailand

Possible travel advice on getting around Thailand is appreciated. You have better opportunities to move around Thailand. A map of Thailand's sights and useful travel tips. Yes, there is a good reason why Thailand is known as the "Land of Smiles". Added to this are the low costs for everything you travel in Thailand.

Travel in Thailand | 20 amazing modes of transport

Being a single traveller I make it my job to try as many transport possibilities as possible..... Have you ever asked yourself how to get to and from Don Muang International Airfield and to the city centre? Catch a Bangkok cab fraud and take the A1 & A 2 busses are airportbus, the bus stop in Mochit BTS and Victory Monument every half hours.....

Thirty Bah..... There is a shuttle service between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport (opening hours: 05:00 to 24:00). Normally you need a little help from the natives to find the urban buses, but generally it is the place where the natives gather and wait for them.

Busses do not stop unless they see interested riders, so you need to show your interest and tick one. Prices depend on the distances. In general, they try to launch at 100 Bahts, even if the range is smaller. During the Skytrain tour in Bangkok city centre, you can explore the most important attractions of old Bangkok better with the Chao Phraya Express boat.

Indefinite day on the tourist boat: 150 Bt. You can take a taxi in the town. There are two main line ferry services on the shuttle ship from Saen Saen Saeb - the west line (ends at the Golden Mountain) and the east line (ends at Wat Si Bunrueang). 10 to 40 Baltar, depending on the range. Long-tail boats to see the Bangkok River and you will see watt, shore cottages on stilt poles, temple and maybe huge dragon.

The best way to hire a vessel is as a group, as you have to hire the whole of it. For each trip you can either purchase a standard 100 BTB (plus 50 BTB deposit) rabbit card. They are 5 years and must have a value of at least 100 Bahts.

Arrival at Suvarnabuhm airport: Transfers to the Airport Link at BTS- Phaya Thai. MRT is the metro and the best way to Hua Lamphong station. Bangkok night procession Chiang Mai is an adventure in itself. Pre-booking your ticket at Hua Lamphong station.

Check the timetables of trains and busses and make your reservations here in advanced. The Songtheuws are common busses that can be found in parts of Thailand. In some areas they correspond to urban busses and costs per route. If you have a lorry cab, it is like a Song Theuw in the way that it can be used like a village coach.

In some areas, however, it can also be a cab if you drive to a place outside the town. When I came from the Chiang Dao coach terminal to Chiang Dao, I rented a 150 Baht lorry cab. When you have a little bit of free space and want to enjoy the landscape, the cheapest way is to take a public transport coach between the town.

There is a stop on site, but it is usually either air-conditioned or has a window that can be opened to let aeration in. Minibuses also run from town to town. Thailand minibuses are available for 2-3 hours trips like Bangkok to Ayutthaya or Chiang Mai to Pai.

Thailand has its fair part in rafting with baamboo. It is one of the touristic attraction in some places. Soppong to see Tham Nod Lod, one of the biggest caverns in northern Thailand. They resemble the Long Taxi in Bangkok and their engines are very noisy.

Long-haul VIP coaches can be of high qualitiy. Many travel agents in Bangkok on the Khao San Road are selling coach fares to the island or across the border to Laos or Cambodia. However, I would recommend booking your ticket in advance at the Khao San central train terminal, as the Khao San touristic busses are not always of the best standard and you will get more.

One of the most favoured means of transport in Thailand is the motorcycle, so that many Thai people are already very early acquainted with cycling and one sees the family pack each member on the bicycle. But a lot of travellers come to Thailand without even know how to ride one and try it for the first tim.

It can be hazardous and most motorcycle crashes among motorcyclists occur due to the carelessness and inexpertness of the motorcyclist. An example is the boat at Wat Khlong Toey Nok to Bang Krachao (??????????) as the Green Lung of Bangkok, an under-developed place where you can go to a basic swimming pool and take a bicycle tour along raised paths from Phra Pradaeng.

If you want to travel to other areas of Thailand and would like to make an appointment in advanced, I suggest 12GoAsia (below). Would you like more information about Bangkok travel survivor advice and getting around? Purchase my Bangkok Travel Secrets guide.

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