How to Travel to Myanmar from India

Traveling from India to Myanmar

Trade in travel - personnel development - advertising and events - marketing abroad. This is the ultimate overland journey from India to Myanmar and ending in Thailand, a unique adventure for those who want to travel by land through the region. I' m planning to cross the Moreh/Tamu border into Myanmar. In addition, I would like to travel from Yangoon to Thailand. Bhutan Myanmar Tour takes you from Delhi via Paro to Yangon, with many fascinating stops on the way.

Enjoy your trip to Myanmar from India with Vital Guide

Burma (once known as Burma ) is admired by some travellers who appreciate the gold temple spread throughout the area. Rather than stay at home and admire, your turn should be to begin the real journey to Myanmar from India. It is a land of mystical places to discover, stunning heritage to see and impressive monuments to be respected.

Myanmar should be your next target if you are fooled by the term "Land of the Golden Temples". Myanmar's most important honorary features include the stunning collection of gold-plated and holy churches in the midst of wonderful countryside. Gold-plated churches are in almost every area. This can be the wonderful Shwedagon Pagoda or the singular Kyaiktiyo (with the adored Golden Rock) near Yangon (or Rangoon).

Alternatively, it can be the stunning Bagan, Inle Lake, Myeik Archipelago, Ngapali Beach and Thandwe City. Passportholders in India need a Myanmar visas. Myanmar tourists can obtain a Myanmar traveler' s permit from India in three ways. 1: Request the hardcopy form at the Embassy of Myanmar in New Delhi.

Prior to leaving, make sure you have a Myanmar Citizenship Visas Request for Myanmar, your photograph and payment in advance, at least 6 month before entering Myanmar. Visit the Myanmar Immigration Ministry's website at Then follow the on-site directions to complete the touristic visas request process, complete the payment on-line and receive the approval letter by e-mail after 2 workdays.

When you arrive at the Myanmar airport (Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Daw) or the three Myanmar - Thailand overseas points of arrival (Tachileik/Mae Sai, Kawthaung/Ranong and Myawaddy/Mae Sot), just get your visas cancelled and pay the stamp duty in US Stamp. The Myanmar Citizens' Myanmar Tourism Visas to Myanmar will allow you to remain there for 28 consecutive nights.

3: Get an invitational note from the trusted travel agencies and obtain the visa for India citizens upon arrival at the international airports in Myanmar. For flights from India to Myanmar, simply browse on-line and make a round-the-clock booking, as there are several carriers, fares and itineraries to choose from.

There are several ways to fly from New Delhi Airport to Yangon Airport: Thai Airways (via Bangkok), Malaysia Airlines (via Kuala Lumpur), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), China Airlines (via Taipei), Qatar Airways (via Doha) or Emirates (via Dubai). Now is the right moment to make a reservation for a travel to Myanmar from India.

It guarantees you to enjoy some of the best features of the land that only seasoned travel agents can provide. Myanmar's best itineraries often take 8-12 working day to compute the" ups and downs" and incorporate the major travelers. Ignoring Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Ngapali Beach, Myeik Archipelago and Kalaw could make any journey to Myanmar inconclusive.

Every venue is sanctified with more than three major sights. For those who enjoy the beach, the clean areas of Ngapali Beach or Myeik Archipelago will satisfy your interest. And, if your passions are the glory grapes of the gold-plated temple, make sure you see Bagan City.

This 8-day or 12-day journey from India to Myanmar offers many unforgettable experiences that are only possible in Myanmar. Ever thought of a colourful hot-air flight over a thousand gold-plated churches? In Bagan, where the skies are mostly full of nice air bubbles, this is confirmed by the fact that many travellers enjoy this sport.

And if you want to swim in the beautiful beaches, just go to Ngapali and then discover some night life facilities in Thandwe City. This is your chance to learn and assess how good the Myanmar is. Of course, the kitchen and taste can differ from yours, but it's great to do.

Inspire the Indian guest, the cooks in Myanmar serve many juicy meals that can be prepared with chickens, seafood, mutton and ducks.

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