How to Travel Thailand

Getting to Thailand

Buses are a good way to explore the country. Thailand is Asia's most important tourist destination with sixteen million foreigners flying into the country every year and offers a variety of sights. Discover Thailand holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. This is a quick overview of Thailand, which contains the most important facts, visa regulations, travel information, security information, what you can do there and much more. There are seven travel myths you should take with a grain (or two) of salt.

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Thai, also known as Siamese, is the Thai school' s main foreign tongue, but you will listen to many local people who speak very well. Thailand Baht (THB). and Bangkok is 7hrs from London. We would call it Beauty and the Beach if we made a movie about Thailand, no question about it.

Drive to Chiang Mai to the northern side to hike to distant mountain tribes communities and swim with elephant before sitting back, celebrating and scuba-dipping in the midst of the world's most stunning isles? What is the best period for a trip to Thailand? Thailand is the hottest, driest period of the year between November and April, which means that the best period to come to Thailand is during ours.

Don't be put off by the expansive showers of the monsoon season, as the beach is calmer and the prices of hotels are often lower, so it's still a good traveling-season. Journey with us to Thailand..... Walk through dense jungles and shiny paddy fields in the north of Thailand and get to know it all.

You will also have plenty of free and easy access to the Bangkok Hedonian, Khao Sok National Park and the wonderful Koh Samui and Koh Tao islands. On this 12-day trip, which begins in the mountains around the dear Chiang Mai, find a part of yourself you didn't know.

Discover gold sanctuaries and isolated northern Thai towns before landing in busy Bangkok. Take a coach full of like-minded travelers through Thailand and beyond into the expanses of magic Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. You can find everything from streams, falls and old sanctuaries in central Thailand, through the jungle and northern mountain ranges, to the impressive seas, isles and southern seas.

Before you reach Thailand's most stylish coastline, get the sandbox you need! Bangkok's shopping centres and shimmering skyscrapers take you northwards to Thailand's rolling countryside. In the historical Chiang Mai with its famous Christmas fair and tasty food there is a lot of room for enjoyment. You want to discover Thailand, but not a group trip?

With INDI you get exactly the transports, excavations and daily excursions you desire, tailor-made for a journey to Thailand! Will I need a Thailand entry permit? You will receive a free of charge visas upon your arriving in Thailand as long as you are in the possession of a British citizenship card with a minimum of six month expiry date.

Do I need to include something on my Thailand Packist? Don't under any circumstance neglect to take out travel insurances before you leave! What immunizations do I need before I travel to Thailand? Ask your physician which of the following vaccines you have already had at your primary and which you may still need from tetanus, diptheria, typhoid and hepatitis B. You can make an appointement at one of our STA Travel Hospitals to receive these six wards before your departure.

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