How to Travel in Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar

Find out why you should visit Myanmar, where to go and what to expect! Tale cities, many golden pagodas and royal cities are a must if you want to travel in Myanmar! It is a truly fascinating country with a turbulent past. - A glimpse over Kalaw, Myanmar. Cycle around Bagan, visit Inle Lake and finish the tour in Yangon.


You want to go alone? Thought about going to Asia for a long while, but something scares you? Myanmar is one of the most secure places in the world. Like the last we were in Myanmar, Michele left his purse in the cab.

There were 50 Euro (about 75000 K yat - in Myanmar a pack of smokes cost 700 K yat and with 6000 K yat you can celebrate a fare! ), plus some papers, inclusive his identity card and driver's licence. He realised that he had dropped his purse the morning before returning to Italy, so he knew that he would probably never see his dear catfish again.

Back in Italy, someone contacted him on Facebook: it was the cabbie. Michele, the cabbie, said that he found his 50 euro purse with some papers. However, don't forget that Myanmar has only recently been opened to tourists, so there are still some places you shouldn't or shouldn't go.

The locals will make your event even more enjoyable and you will immediately find yourself safe: you will welcome those who are smiley and authentic and just wait to share a good laugh with you. He' s so used to it that now that he's back he's become a cross-country skier in his free life.

Now, all of you who have a weak hearts and undecided travellers, don't let your anxiety get in.... All you need to be sure in Myanmar is a big smiling face (and mosquito repellent).

Ultimate guide to traveling in Myanmar

Since Myanmar has been visited, it is of the utmost importance to preserve its municipalities and its incomparable pristine nature. Whilst sustained travelling is continuing to flourish, businesses like Rickshaw Travels want to link everlasting experience with the promotion of fellowship-building. Rickshaw, as the accountable operator, helps these municipalities maximize the socio-ecological advantages of the tourist industry by linking travelers to locals and working only with third-party owned accommodation, guidebooks and driving services.

Myanmar's young touristic industry has been affected by the country's turbulent politics. In spite of the problems affecting Myanmar, most visitors are "problem-free," the British Federal Cartel Office states. Travelling can be of great societal and ecological value, and Rickshaw Travels urges individuals not to turn their backs on needy community, small business, hotel and personal driver, who directly experience the effects of falling numbers of tourists.

When you want to journey in a responsible and respectful manner, this is possible through sensible travelling experience. Get to know the locals' customs and convictions while giving something back to the fellowship. Help the Myanmar residents by staying at their own hotel and using native tourist leaders whose in-depth understanding of the country's cultures provides a truly exceptional insight.

There are many opportunities for those travelling to Myanmar for the first-time visitor to experience the land while respecting traditional ways and practices. Since Myanmar has a deep cultural background, it is advisable for travelers to keep their feet and feet covered. Rickshaw Travel's Spiritual Pagodas of Yangon journey allows the visitor to experience the Buddha School first-hand as he or she explores the breathtaking Shwedagon Pagoda.

We recommend that travelers do not take pictures of natives, especially while working and/or soaking. Myanmar's advantage of having a Myanmar based tour guides is the ability to learn Myanmar's practices and the involvement of someone to help you with your translation. A visit to one of the city' s fairs is another way for travelers to experience its cuisines.

Especially in Myanmar, buying at a community fair can make a great contribution to helping Myanmar craftsmen, peasants and home chefs who come together to buy ornament or jewelry alongside specialties and cuisine. At every travel location, Rickshaw Travel sponsors a community based program that contributes part of the value of each reservation to each individual travel experience and encourages travelers to make a small donation for a specific purpose when making a reservation.

The HEAL Kids charity supports various activities throughout Myanmar, from life-changing activities to nutrition and educational programs for orphan and vulnerable people. Myanmar can take your breath away with its old sanctuaries, picturesque sundowns, abundant cultural heritage and incomparable scenic beauties. Myanmar's uniquely wonderful civilization, which opened its doors in 2012, will accompany you far beyond your journey.

When you are considering a visit to Myanmar, the rickshaw trail will help make your funds go to the communities who are living and working there, which directly benefits small companies and craft trades.

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