How to Travel in Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar

Myanmar's more romantic and scenic journeys are no more than trains and boats. On site and personally researched. Myanmar needs to keep cash clean. Why? Burma is one of the safest places.

You will get an insight into Myanmar with Dustin Main.

Travel in Myanmar (Burma)

The major routes to Myanmar for most are by plane and coach; you can of course combine different means of transportation during your trip, depending on the trip you are taking. The one you select depends very much on your travel route and your overall cost; coaches are the least expensive means of transportation and some goals can only be achieved by plane.

Myanmar's more picturesque and picturesque journeys are no more than train and canoeing. If you use local transportation (as distinct from luxurious boating ), these are both sluggish and untrustworthy; but they offer you a relaxed, intriguing and often lovely views of the countryside that allows you to blend with local people while traveling, which otherwise is not possible.

You can find more information about the different modes of transportation by selecting the symbols above the map on this page. They do not show all the main tours available to Myanmar residents. Drivers can be the most comfortable way to get between certain locations, and self-drive can also be hired through Yoma Fleet.

Biking and hiking are common in some towns, but it can be hard to reach the land by bicycle or on feet. Motorcycling is possible from most important locations throughout the entire land and gives you the liberty of the roads. Most of the key parts of Myanmar, with Yangon, Mandalay and the most visited travel locations, offer full mobility to migrants.

For journeys outside these areas, to the hilly and sometimes uninhabited frontier areas, it is possible to restrict the activity of travellers (although the situation is quickly improving). When traveling to more distant parts of the world, it is a good practice to have several copies of your Myanmar visas and your photograph page, which may be requested by bureaucrats.

For more information on how to get to certain places in Myanmar and current schedules, go to the various destinations pages; we also have a comprehensive guidebook on how to get to and from Myanmar by road. Learn more about Myanmar's policy and past here.

The above cards indicate primarily transportation distances open to foreign visitors, not all transportation distances. You can find detailled local map of Myanmar on the website of the Myanmar Information Management Unit. Latest news about connection in this fast-changing land.

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