How to Travel in Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar

Inter-city flying is popular with Westerners, while cruising is fun. Read more about Myanmar here. "The same could still be said for the most part today. What is the real cost of traveling in Myanmar? We have prepared a detailed overview of all our travel expenses in Myanmar to help you plan your trip!

Traveling in Myanmar

You have several ways to decide how you want to journey through Myanmar. Everyone's got sides up and down. Burma is big, amazingly so. Combinate this with streets that have seen better times and you have a long, slower ride ahead of you.

However, air transport solves this issue immediately and is very simple to use. It is still possible to reserve your old-fashioned flights and go to a local tourist agency, or you can go to various new on-line sites that have up-to-date prices and availabilities. Myanmar has many carriers, but all have very similar services.

Fly in Myanmar may be a little different than usual, but don't fret. At last the prize comes. Busses are reasonably priced and with a wide range of different businesses vying to make your customized, you also have some choices. We' d suggest either JJ Express or Elite as our favourite coaches, but that doesn't mean we'd exclude other coaches.

There' are a number of ticketing choices to chose from, and here we would strongly advise you to do the best you can. It can often be as small as $2, but the differences in what you get are enormous. You can sit on single armchairs with a TV-screen.

Deluxe tickets don't have either. The majority of busses run nightly, which is ideal for not loosing a day's sights and it is also a good idea to get the best tickets so that you can have a good night's rest. When you think that a coach fare costs about $20 and you don't have to spend the same amount on an accommodation in a room, you save more than $100 when you fly.

In the course of a 2-week journey this is a reasonable amount! We suggest that you book your tickets through a retailer and not on-line. The busses are freezing. Verify your tickets with a second on-site representative to make sure you are in the right place and near the right one. Many busses run at the same and you don't want to be on the opposite number.

It is unlikely that you will use them for travel between locations, but perhaps when you arrive and need to get to your hotel/sights. At Yangon it usually takes $5 for an hours cab ride. So, guess how long you will stay in the cab (easier said than in Yangon traffic) and continue from there.

Taxidrivers are often not willing to lower their prices, and this is much more than you would like. Where possible, we suggest leaving the major entrance of these places and looking for a cab instead of a cab that has been there.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the qualitiy of the cars, and in fact the drivers, vary a great deal from cab to cab. As a general guideline, if you are not sure, don't worry, there are many other cabs around the street you can take with you. It is possible to hire a personal vehicle for your whole journey in Myanmar.

You may find it a little uncomfortable for a rider to float around for the rest of their journey, but you will often find that you are becoming good buddies, and they will have an unbelievable amount of information they can give you. When you rent a vehicle, you have the possibility to fly and have the vehicle picked up at the aerodrome, or you can take the plane between them.

Available vehicle models differ, but a Toyota Alphard is widely used throughout Myanmar and offers a lot of comforts. If you are traveling by air, there are often more interesting choices that can be taken into account in your journey. From Bagan to Mandalay by ferry, from Pyin Oo Lwin by rail to Hsipaw over one of the world's great railway viaducts, we find that these trips are a true added value to your Myanmar adventure.

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