How to Travel in Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar

Myanmar's more romantic and scenic journeys are no more than trains and boats. On site and personally researched. Myanmar needs to keep cash clean. Why? You will get an insight into Myanmar with Dustin Main.

Find out why you should visit Myanmar, where to go and what to expect!

Do you think it's ethically sound to go to Myanmar?

Considering everything that is going on in the Myanmar area' s press and the way the Rohingya tribe is treated, many probably wonder whether travelling to this lovely land is ethically sound. Following many years of dictatorial domination, this once locked land has an astonishing natural wonder awaiting exploration, and we believe that the action of a country's governments should not discourage travel.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto democracy chief of the state, has come under fire over the way in which she has handled the Rohingya war. The sales points have now withdrawn their travel to Myanmar and are now denouncing her. So is it ethically justifiable to travel to Myanmar? The majority of Syrian, Iraqi and other Syrian citizens are not members of IS and we do not regard everyone there as Muslim extremists, so why should we do the same with the Myanmar population?

There is a serious issue in the state of Rakhine in western Myanmar, but these deeds are not done by the everyday encounters you make. This is a religiously founded form of extremeism that does not reflect the opinions of everyone in the state.

Burma is made up of several hundred different communities, many of which have had their own domestic battles (such as the Shan), many of which have had little or no access to overseas press reporting. Extremists in governments and populations are present in all nations, but are clearly not a representation of the views of many individuals who try to shape their everyday life.

The tourism bucks and general FDI contribute significantly to the general economy of the state. It should not be taken out of a state because of the extremist action of a few individuals. It has taken Myanmar years to open up to the outside worlds, and because it has done so, it is one of the reason why we know that the Rohingya crimes are being perpetrated at all.

Whilst I have met in person the very antimuslim citizens of Burma, I have also had the opportunity to talk to these individuals and to express my views on why no one should be prosecuted for their religions. Growing up in a world where they are only hearing from one side, they often have a tendency to ignore the big picture, that is, humans are the same.

Visitors who come here enable local residents to communicate and communicate interculturally. Closing this land to the tourist, we will stop this kind of dialog and accidentally leave uncontested poisonous notions. If you come to Myanmar, you should talk to the natives about these questions. Finally, years of Colonization have led many Myanmar's population to seek counsel from foreigners.

Myanmar is still a relatively new actor in open economy development. Myanmar also experiences many of the problems associated with the development of a people. Travel is one of the industries that can propel certain areas of the land forward by offering simple tourist amenities and generating income for some of the more outlying people.

Restauarants, lodgings, local travel books and general souvenirs shopping are very helpful for the Myanmar population. While a few bucks may not be much for us, it can be very helpful to the locals. The Rohingya are not directly implicated in the conflict and should therefore not be prevented from developing themselves.

It is highly recommended that you discover this beautiful land.

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