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Traveling in Myanmar

If you want to travel by car from Kawthaung to Myeik, for example, you have to trust this means of transport because there is no train. Are people really travelling by horse-drawn carriage? Lots of travellers want to know how to get around Myanmar? A flexible bus pass or small adventure tour is the easiest (and funniest) way to explore Myanmar. Extensive and up-to-date information on bus travel in Myanmar and online booking options.

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Twenty-one is enough for you to go on your own without the help of a tour operator. Smelling like barf, but hey, that's for you! When you are travelling very long journeys (for me that is over 8 h on the road), you should decide to take the flight.

In Myanmar, I used to love to fly. Getting on and off a coach was as straightforward and light in Myanmar. It is very straightforward to organize your own transportation, and it is a great pleasure to experience different types of touring. Long-haul journeys, especially over night, can be very fully reserved, so it is best to take the trains during the daytime.

From Hsipaw to Mandalay and Thazi to Kalaw or Shwenyaung are particularly well. It is good to see a cruise like between Mandalay and Bagan - you don't have to make an advance booking. On an ad-hoc base, this is easily arranged for exploration, e.g. the antique towns of Mandalay or around the Bagan Reef. There is definitely no need to take a trip.

We' re not young anymore, so sometimes it gets a little tiring, but we still like to be old age travellers!

Getting around Myanmar

It is the goal of this blogs to give you an idea of the different transportation in and around Myanmar and the estimated rates you can have. On a long trip of about 70km you can look forward to about 1.500Ks (1. 20 US$ / 1. 00 GBP) per each. There are minibuses in some villages and municipalities.

They' even make some trips between the different places. These are much lower than collective taxi rates. These are some prizes to ensure that you are fairly calculated. The Yangon also has citybuses that look like the busses in other states. The coaches are frequent and run on certain stretches of the town.

Indeed, we have used the Yangon bus service several time and the conductor would not pay us. Please note: If you travel only a small part of the way, the prices may not be as reasonable as you would like. A lot of busses have a high alternating current and some have no ceilings.

You can book your coach ticket in some guesthouses, travel agencies or in the city centre. Coach terminals often seem far away from the city and the rates are the same as when you book through an urban agency. In Myanmar, busses seldom have restrooms on boa.

Overnight coaches often stop later in the evenings, so you can buy meals and beverages and use the cloakroom. They have often been a great value for money and offer a fairly good selection of regional dishes. Rent price: Within the area of 1,000 Ks - 3,000Ks (approx. 0.80 - 2.40 US$ / 0.60 - 1.80 GBP) for one days.

Bikes can be hired in most places. You can rent it near or even from your guesthouse. Renting one night is usually from dawn to dusk instead of 24hrs. As Myanmar has a very warm and humid environment, you should take a lot of rain and shelter.

Rent: 5.000-10.000Ks ( 4 - 8 US$ / 3 - 6 GBP) Hand bicycles are less expensive. Motorcycle hire is a great choice if you want an independend advent. Bicycle hire is available in most of Myanmar's citys. Keep in mind to examine the bicycle thoroughly and make sure that you know exactly what is contained in the rent.

The two Tryons, which share a bicycle (one of them is very small), use about 1-2 liters of fuel for some brief daily excursions. It is probably best to fill up your bicycle if you ride longer and further. Myanmar: How to get around Myanmar. There are many small stores in Myanmar selling gasoline in jars.

There will be plenty of cabs in most of them. Arrange a fare at the beginning of your trip and exchange it for the best possible fare. So, how do you find a reasonable rate? It' rewarding to take a trip! Entrance fees vary depending on the time of year and the convenience of the vessel.

The price ranges from $16 - $32, but be ready for an exchange. We' ve put together some great blog posts about the area' s guest homes that you can post on the go..... Or, if you would rather organize and make all the reservations in advanced, this should be very helpful: New to Myanmar?

Burma is undergoing rapid change, so current blogging (like this, ahem!) will be a great one. However, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, you will probably want to take a tour guidebook with you. You have a fairly inexpensive copy and the real copy. Not anywhere near Myanmar and do you need to make a reservation?

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