How to Travel around Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar

Verify your ticket with a second person on site to make sure you are in the right place and near the right bus. Many buses run at the same time and you don't want to be on the wrong bus. A further tour follows a part of the old Burma Road from Pyin Oo Lwin to Mandalay. You also have a little time to explore the highlights of Myanmar, you can have a happy tr. Everything about Myanmar(Burma)My travel photos of my country, Myanmar #travel #traveller.

Arriving in Yangon

We' ve had many queries before we arrived in Myanmar about transport in the state. However, we had no problem and were amazed by the good bus and punctuality. Courses can be long, so you have to make good plans and try to safe your travel costs and your travel times with coaches.

Nocturnal buses are very convenient and it is very simple to stay in them. We' been in Myanmar for almost four whole week and this is the tour we followed: Arriving at Yangon International we went in search of the 51 coach that would take us to the town.

So we asked around and everyone was helping us to take another coach that would take us to the centre. Then we went a few steps to the Chinatown resort in the midst of a chaotic situation, but that was also very interesting. After a 2 night stay in this vibrant town, we took busses to go everywhere, we took the round trip and had a lot of pleasure getting to know the population.

I' ve got the Kalaw coach pass from our little city. So we took a three-seater per line (2 + 1) and it departed around 7 pm. You' ll have to take an additional overcoat because the coaches are very chilly at this time. Arriving in Kalaw at 4am after stopping in the bath a few times (no toilets in the buses) and also for supper.

So we went to the room we had reserved so early and they were expecting us to make a provisional room available until check-in. In Kalaw one overnight was enough to see this nice city, its markets and to make the booking for the Inle Lake itinerary.

It is a 3-day 60 km stroll through wonderful scenery to see how the natives like. There was a ferry that was supposed to take us across Lakes Inle to the city of Nyaung Shwe, where those who visit Lakes Inle normally spend the night. So we spent 2 nights here and hired bicycles to circumnavigate the area.

As we had asked in many agents, we opted for a normal overnight coach (not VIP) to drive to Bagan. Although we were told to get a blanket, we found out as soon as we got on the coach that it wasn't right and we were cold all and sundry. Busses to Bagan also left around 7 pm and arriving at 4 am.

There is a central train terminal outside the town, so you will have to deal (a lot) with cabs for the pick up, where you will also have to pass through the entry check to Bagan and buy the ticket, about $20 per one. We had 3 nice sunday in Bagan!

Our tickets to Mandalay were purchased at the overnight stay in our hotels and pick-up was including. Driving to Mandalay, the former capitol of the state. So, we took a minibus and it took about 7 hrs to drive through wonderful scenery. After arriving at the southern train terminus of the town, a tuk-tuk, which was part of the fare of the coach, took us to the reserved motel.

Mandalay itself we didn't like, but there are many places in the cities that are much more interesting. On the other side of the stream named Mingun we drove to a small village where there is a nice little pink pitot, the biggest big structure in the whole wide open space and the biggest untorn one. After we found a lorryman who wanted to take us to the U-leg deck at a very cheap rate for 4 persons and watched the sun set on the longest wood deck in the southern part of the game.

Later we got our coach ticket to Hsipaw at our Mandalay hotels, but later we were told that we were billed twice as much as if we had purchased them directly at the school. It' been a long journey and we came in at nocturnal. It' a very nice street in the hills.

It' very interesting to hike and hike. All it took were 3 days to regain your strength in this peaceful little village. Mornings we took the popular parade that passed the Gokteik viaduct and enjoys wonderful outlooks. It was a long trip and we reached the Pyin Oo Lwin afternoons.

There'?s more to this British town than you think. Cycling around the many manor houses in the British country house cuisine. We spent two overnight stays in an old villa which was transformed into a youth Hostel. We took a overnight coach to Yangon and the same day we took the airplane to the capitol Laos:

Burma continues to lead our favourite Asian states. What is unique about this place are the noblesse and simple character of the area. When you have questions about travelling in Myanmar, please post them in the commentaries.

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