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What is the best way to prepare for Thailand? You will find all relevant information on the Thai visa on this page. To speed up the processing of your application, please read the information carefully. Utilize this simple list of suggestions on what to pack for Thailand and bring everything you need for a trip to the Land of Smiles! Dogs and cats must have a microchip, an import permit, proof of current vaccinations and a veterinary certificate.

Useful information during a trip to Thailand

During the 6 years I have been travelling around the globe, Thailand is the most popular of all. I kept returning here and I went there, exploring, living and celebrating 17 visits. I' ve got over 40 Thai postmarks in my pass and plan to return in 2018.

I have written this diary for those who are coming to Thailand soon about all the things you should know when you go to Thailand. How much do you need to get to Thailand? This is a pass that is still required for at least 6 month on arrival in Thailand. Today, you can also get a 30-day visas if you arrive overland in Thailand, but note that you can only make two cross-country trips per year.

I' ve done this a few occasions to give you enough free rein to go to all the best places in Thailand. It' always a good plan to go to Thailand, but what is the best period and when is the wet season? No. I' ve been to Thailand almost every months and yes, there are some downpours in the wet period, but they are not too long.

For the best Instagram images of Thailand, it is recommended to come between December and April. It' s not getting too warm in Thailand and on the island there is always a wind or the sea to keep you cold, but who doesn't enjoy a warmth?

One of the major reason to come to Thailand is the comfortable weather and there is a great deal to do even in the rain. The Thai baht is used in Thailand and 1 US Dollar corresponds to about 30 Thai baht. May you use bucks in Thailand? We recommend that you do not use US-denominated currencies. When you are travelling to Thailand, you always have the country's own currencies with you.

When you plan to go backpacker tourism in Thailand, you don't really need much. Later, I will also discuss buying and then you will find out that you can buy everything you have forgotten in Thailand. For many, it is a good idea to go to Thailand for some time. Thailand was one of the first places I found the all-you-can-eat-outlets.

On all my travels to Thailand I have never had inoculations. If you are on holiday in Thailand, make sure you have vaccination against the usual teething troubles such as tetanus, diphtheria and measles. I' m also shooting for hepatitis A+B, but not specifically for Thailand. Scared of malaria in Thailand?

This is not necessary because the risks of contracting the disease in Thailand are very low, even off the well-trodden path in Thailand there is hardly any at all. Thailand is very secure for visitors! All countries have their own difficulties and many are unaware that the armed forces are in official control, but as visitors there are hardly any risks.

Featuring tens of thousands of people a year travelling to Thailand, the nation knows that security is an important topic and is doing its best to preserve this secure tourist area. But, really, in all my 17 days on a journey to Thailand, I didn't have a whole thing.

Please have a look at my full report on how secure it is to go to Thailand and let me tell you the hazards, threats and fraud and how to avert them. Become a visitor in your own land, observe their norms and do not act like an ignored visitor! In spite of all these astonishing things to see and do, Thai civilization should also be one of the reason why you want to go to Thailand.

Combinations of Thai lifestyles, eating, Buddhism, human beings, magic isles, and inspirational shrines make it a land of smile. Thailand's sobriquet says it all! It is all about his smile and it is one of the columns of the Thai tourist industries.

Every single mornin' on Thailand's most beloved Isle Jumping Path, the Pancakes Path, you'll find some wild Thais every single working days with tiresome visitors and yes, they are sour. However, this does not mean that an entire state can be generalised. Thailand is one of the most friendly countries in the hemisphere and is always ready to help a foreigner.

He was the longest ruling kings in the whole wide globe, but unfortunately passed away in October 2016. For a year after his death, the county grieved! Thailand-holidays are not completed if you haven't struck out a whole set of chapels. Not only is Thailand the place of the smile, but also the only place to go from sect.

An important tip for Thailand is to take off your boots when asked. You now know why you see all these footwear in front of places on your Thailand-journey. Buddhism is the major religious denomination in this land and I am sorry that you will be visiting Buddha sculptures on your Thailand-journey.

An insider tip in Thailand is Wat Muang, the 92 metre high Buddha only 150 km from Bangkok. Participating in a Muay Thai show is one of those things you can do on your holiday in Thailand. There is a show in all tourist places in Thailand. No matter where your Thailand journey leads, there are always a few small indigenous market.

There' s no better cuisine on the streets than in the country of the smile. While Asia is a paradise for home-cooking, Thailand is the best place to find tasty meals on every nook. You' re never gonna have to run far to trip over a hawker. Is it possible to rely on Thai cuisine?

Don't let all the Thai guidebooks tell you to be cautious about eating on the road. If you go backpacker tourism in Thailand road groceries is a cheaper way to nourish you on a day to day base, but note that there is a plenty of MSG in Thai road groceries. Some of the best Thailand hints is to schedule your journey around this unbelievable event between April 13th and 15th.

Trustf me Songkran is a good enough excuse to come to Thailand! It' one of my greatest errors when I was travelling. The unbelievable incident has been on my list for a long while and is the primary cause for some tourist to come to Thailand. Looking for Thailand travelling advice, I'm sure you've heard of the famed Full Moon celebration in Koh Phangan.

An unbelievably beloved summer event, this recurring month-to-month event is featured in every Thailand itinerary. When you choose to go to Koh Phangan, you should also consider the Half Moon or the Jungle Parties, check back later or click on the links to learn more about my experience celebrating on Koh Phangan.

Many young people find nocturnal life one of the main reason to come to Thailand and this is perfectly comprehensible. Bangkok is always good for one good day and where there is a Thai coast there is a great time. A few isles are having shore nights every day, look where in my insular hoping Thailand guides.

I' ve been to many Thai beachside events and I confess they are anything but stylish, but still a lot of the same. Travelling to Thailand is not possible without a shore partys in Koh Phangan or Koh Phi Phi. Are you looking for a route to Thailand incl. partys? Please click on the links to my Thailand Traveller's Blogs.

The best jungles in Thailand require you to be in Koh Phangan. When I first saw the Half Moon Party in Koh Phangan, one of the best Thailand hints I ever got. When you travel through Thailand with your backpack, put this on your docket.

It is a must if you like to celebrate and go to Bangkok. There' s no land like Thailand when it comes to lady boys! I' m quite sure that for most of us this is no excuse to go to Thailand, but visiting a Lady Boy show is certainly definitely something to have.

If you think of a journey to Thailand, you think of the fun trikes named Tuktuks. If you' re intoxicated and want to go home, what can you do in Thailand? Or if you don't have a Grab Taxi yet, download it for your Thailand holiday. Long there was Uber in Thailand, but lately Grab Taxi Uber has taken over.

That is my preferred way to get around Thailand. Thailand is not the land of motorcycles that is Vietnam, but even in Thailand it is a great adventure to drive a motorcycle through the countryside, especially in the Noth. Hiring a motorcycle in Thailand is much more enjoyable than hiring a trip, even for shorter outings.

For more information, please click here. As this is the most favourite tourist destination for young people, there are countless companies trying to make a living in the tourist world. That' s why you will find a tourist office or a Tourdesk at every road nook. It is not necessary to draw up a precise schedule when you go to Thailand.

To get some idea, I have designed 4 different routes with activities in Thailand (beaches, temple, festivals and culture), click on the lin. A highlight of a journey to Thailand is that you will make lifelong acquaintances. So many travellers that the encounter with like-minded ones is guarantied and there is no need to be scared to end up alone in Thailand.

Accompanying travellers you happen to see will tell you where to go in Thailand, give you advice on how to go shopping on the islands, tell you about the best places to spend the night and with some of them you could end up travelling around the countryside or falling in awe! Journey to Thailand! When you are looking for the best land for single travellers, stop looking.

Thankfully, Thailand is the number one backpacker destination in the whole wide globe just because I combine all these factors to come to Thailand. The hotel has all the necessary equipment for a great vacation and the well-organized transport system makes travelling easier. Thailand has a large number of youth hostels where it is simple to get connected with other travellers.

Thailand is for many travellers the start and end point of a journey through Southeast Asia, also known as the Banana Pancake Path. The city is the ideal base for visiting the neighbouring Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia. On my Thailand tour blogs I also designed a great Insel hoping route from Thailand to Malaysia.

Thailand is budget-friendly and that is of course the reason why many youngsters come to Thailand after their university. How much does a journey to Thailand costs? Please click on the links for a price break down in Thailand. Booking your coach, rail and ship ticket for travelling in Thailand on-line via 12Go Asia, a trusted resource.

As I just said, even if you are a luxurious traveller, you will enjoy a journey to Thailand. Thai tourist is really good because the value for your money in Thailand is astonishing. There' s one buoy of 5-star hostels in Thailand and one is even more awesome than the other.

While some places are overpriced like Koh Samui and Phuket, in the remainder of Thailand you can find 5-star accommodation for about $100 per room per day. Deluxe holidays in Thailand don't have to be pricey! Thailand-holidays are not without massages.

One more important thing to know when travelling to Thailand is the ape. Don't let a chimpanzee spoil your Thai vacation! Speaking of jumping in Thailand, the beautiful islets made Thailand one of the most loved backpacker resorts in the atlantic. Iceland hookin' is one of the best things in Thailand, click on the links for all my hints.

Unnecessarily to say that the image perfectly sandy beach are one of the major causes why poeple want to go off Island hoping in Thailand. The downside of the journey to Thailand is massive tourist activity. Be sure you know where to go in Thailand and research before your journey to find these pristine sands.

Please use this page to find out which of Thailand's best places to go. During 2013-2016 I was living in Thailand and Bangkok was my home town. The Khao Sok National Park is one of the best things to do in Thailand when looking for adventures.

The most astonishing thing you can do in Thailand is a walk to the lookout for an extraordinary sight over this beautiful nature. You can stay the night in Ang Thong if you are travelling with your backpack in Thailand. There is no warm running tide and almost no power, but there are some marquees to hire at the park's Koh Wua Talab head office.

There is a road that has become a popular destination for tourists in many places. The Khao San Road in Thailand is probably the most popular rucksack road in the run. There are two Mc Donald's, two Starbuck's and two Burger King's in a 500 metre long road which doesn't seem like a good enough excuse to go to Thailand, but this road is a singular one.

With countless peddlers, markets, restaurants, massages, pubs, clubs and souvenir stores, this is one of the busiest of all. This is the core of Thai tourist industry. Add it to the Thailand sightseeing lists. It' not just about Thailand's beautiful sandy beach.

Learn to be a diver is one of the best things in Thailand. Circumstances are ideal for beginners and it is also one of the least expensive places in the whole wide globe to get certification, especially on my favourite Thailand island: Clic on the links to find out all about this little jewel.

Learning how to go backpacker is a favorite backpacker in Thailand. If you are an expert diver, a Thailand cruise is worthwhile for the marine life. There are so many islets in Thailand that it is clear that there are many places to go to for a swim.

Thailand has many snorkelling opportunities around the isles. Do you need help creating an insular hoping Thailand route? Please click on the links! So if you are looking for an experience on your Thailand journey and want to see one of the hottest places in Thailand, make sure you add it to your shortlist.

A lot of Thai tourist blogs will tell you how astonishing it is, but they won't tell you that it's very uphill! There are so many stores that you need not be told that Thailand is a shoppers' paradise. When you are a storeaholic, I am sure that your Thailand vacation will be a hit.

Not only in the capitol, everywhere in the countryside they throw gifts and other things at you. Bangkok has the best shops in Thailand: Whether in Bangkok in Chiang Mai or on one of the isles, Thailand's beautiful summer dusk is just around the corner!

However, please be aware that not all of these areas are what they claim to be, and please do some research on where to go in Thailand before registering to see one of these areas. A further Thailand trip tip is to stay the whole day in an elephants sanctuary and spending a lot of quality material with the cattle.

but it' at the top of my sightseeing itinerary. The majority of those who come to Thailand already know that Elefanten ride is not finished, but still many tourist agents do. Most likely every Thailand blogs will prevent you from doing so, and by posting this article I sincerely wish to make it clear that horseback-riding with a Thai bull is not chill!

Stopping torture and refusing to photograph with an elephant, but instead do some research and go to a serious Shrine. One other thing not to do when travelling to Thailand is to take tiger geese. Of course this is also torture of animals and please no tiger-elie in Thailand!

If you are travelling to Thailand, try to have as many cute mangos as possible! It can be even better than in Thailand, I'm kind of into it. During your journey to Thailand you will see more Mc Donalds, KFC, Burger King than ever before.

I' ve already said that luxuries are reasonable, but if you are booking an upper class Thai style hotels, make sure they have one of these hotels breakfast to eat. In Thailand it is official to consume mains running and I have done it many a time. However, bottle drinking does not come at much expense, so it is advisable not to take the chance and pay a few pennies to buy bottle drinking in Thailand.

Every bar, restaurant, shop and hotel has free Wi-Fi and the web is quick in Thailand. However, if you want to remain on-line during your Thailand vacation, I suggest that you buy a Thai-simcard. In Thailand I have researched for you which is the best for the tourist.

Please click on the links to see what I would suggest. Hopefully all these hints, advice and advice will show you how surprisingly simple it is to come to Thailand. Not for nothing I always say that you can hardly do anything bad with a journey to Thailand.

I have sent many over the years to the country of smile and I have never had anyone who did not like their holidays or backpacker holidays. I' ve been helping many of you plan your journey to Thailand, click on the links to see where to begin and get more information about budgets and rates.

In order to prevent the trouble of purchasing road transport passes from road sellers, I would suggest that you buy them upfront. 12Go Asia is a dependable place to order your ticket and ensure your seating on the ship, coach or rail if you know where to go in Thailand. Celebrate your journey to Thailand!

Secure trips and if you have any special queries, I am more than happy in answering them and please you can log on a Thailand vacation use the affiliates links on this page. I' ll get a small fee if you click on the hyperlink and make a sale.

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