How to say Myanmar

As they say Myanmar

So I' m just saying Burma. Includes links to acoustic debates. At the same time, I'd appreciate it if I could say: Which are the most popular tours in Myanmar? People in Myanmar say the same word, morning, afternoon or evening.

This is Myanmar's debate. - Bamiyan

Where is Myanmar's debate? As I wait for the time to call it Burma again, the land is Myanmar. Myanmar has been on the newscast since the Cyclone and seems to be pronounced by newsreaders over night as MEE-yun-mar with three Syllable. I' m hearing NPR right now and they're talkin' about helping MEE-yun-mar.

What is amusing is that I do not recall listening to the last debate before the clou. Seems like an almost night-time shift. This is the United States, so let us talk about the debate of Rhôtic Maircun.

What do you...? - Myanmar Forum

What are you talking.......? You are joking....? okeys - a tip......'Ky' is spoken like'ch'....(??) the Kyat sound like Chat/Chet....'hullo' is spoken like'hello'.....(sorry, can't help...) it's Mingalaba.....and sound like written. How much' - sound like be-lao-lei (works for me anyway.....)....but if you use that to ask for a quote, then you should also calculate the numbers, because if you ask in Myanmar, many people will think you can read Myanmar and respond to the quote the same way.....

Speaking Myanmar

I recently saw the name Myanmar on a number of television shows and I was wondering what the official proper debate was. So, I checked Leopard's built-in vocabulary. Updated - Some folks reported that the proper diction was displayed on their system (just like mine on Mac OS 10.5.2).

The dictionary has three different sound button display modes, which you can choose in the Settings window: U.S. English (diacritical), U.S. English (IPA) and IPA. Turns out that only the two IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet ) option show the Burmese pronunciations; the US English (diacritical) accent is accurate.

My is in US English (IPA).

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