How to say how are you in Burmese

What do they say, how are you doing in Burmese?

You' ve got to sing instead of speaking Burmese. The easiest way is to focus on the right part of a word. In Burmese, how would you put it? Like the word'I', the word'YOU' can say something else. Studying a little Burmese can make your trip to Burma a little easier, whether you are ordering food, thanking or asking for help.

the formal:

"Thank you" or "thank you"? So what's the big deal between "thank you" and "thank you"? When I looked at him, he said "thank you" is just a short phrase of "thank you" and sometimes informally as "thank you", and there is no big distinction. However, for me, once, one of my universities gave small presents to all their universities on a particular date, and on the covers on the greetings card, she writes "Thank you, (name)," for all other universities, but then, for me she just texted "Thank you Win Thant" and it was recently after a fierce dispute with her.

I was really puzzled then why she said "thank you" instead of "thank you". Isn' t that because she wants to type in an unofficial way and tell me, even though we have a fight, we are just pals who know each other better than before, or just like that, although she doesn't want to, she still has to say it like "Oh, thanks (very easy and just)" or she just doesn't mean to do it?

Please let us know your opinion in the comments field for the use of "Thank you" and "Thank you", if you wish! However, I can assure you that "thank you" in the first line of this post has no distinction from "thank you" and only a short version of "thank you"! Let's go back and break the "thank you" cipher to say it in Burmese!

Burmese for "thank you" the noun "Kyay Zuu" and there are pairs of particulates that can be added later according to the atmosphere and circumstances. Usually there is no particular distinction between them. It'?s the casual ones: We will also insert the name or pronoun in Burmese after "thank you".

It' like "Thank you, Robert" "Thank you, Rosie" "Thank you, woman". Hopefully this will help you say "thank you" in Burmese!

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