How to Renew Myanmar Passport in Singapore

What can I do to renew the Myanmar Pass in Singapore?

How does the passport renewal for Myanmar's maids work? Please advise on how to proceed and the costs? New Delhi-based BLS International Services is one of the fastest growing outsourcing companies. I' m not renewing my passport for expired passports, but for expired pages. Have a look at the flow of renew PP.

MissyNandar's considerations: Burma Passport Extension

I have been working on the renewal of my Myanmar Passport in Singapore. Let me tell you about my experiences, as I was quite struck by Myanmar's message. Any of you who have been to the Myanmar Mission in Singapore in recent years would know that a trip to the mission could be uncomfortable - to say the least.

Allow me to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to renew/extend your passport if necessary. First you have to make an on-line date. Please click on "Online reservation for the consular service" 3.

Complete all information that includes the Myanmar ID number ((?????????????????). You cannot open an existing bankroll without ?????????????????? Choose "Application for a new passport". A page with your name and passport number will be created. You' ll be forwarded to a PDF-document. Your PDF will be stored in your Myanmar Embassy bankroll.

Simply go to the registration page http://consular.mesgservice. com/, login to your profile and you can see the schedule page as shown below. 1 ) Print the on-line event list. Three: Go to the ambassador's in time. The I THINK quality number begins at 101, so if your number is between 101 and 140, you should get to the message before 9am.

If your number is dialed, Count 1 or 2 checks all your files and returns everything that is not necessary. You order the document in a single document and you must charge SGD 20. Go to Count 3 or 4 to take a passport photograph and capture thumb prints and signatures.

Then, go back to the queuing area and waits until your queu number from counter 5 or 6 is used. Return to the message at the desired hour and await your name in the holding area. If your name is displayed, go to Counter 7, pay and pick up your all-new passport!

Counters 8 and 9 are for Myanmar visas. I had to go to the Myanmar Mission a few visits during my 10 year sojourn in Singapore and Junge, I was really excited about this one! Ambassador personnel were kind, supportive and tolerant.

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