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Training needs analysis in the state of North Rakhine, Myanmar. A Khiri Reach-supported project is open to visitors to Central Myanmar near Bagan. We' re determined to change that. Dekkkhina Thiri Road, East Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. MYANMAR' s most popular trips.


Burma launched REACH in 2015, making it one of three REACH member states in Asia. At the beginning of 2015 an fact-finding exercise on REACH was carried out, and shortly afterwards REACH's analytic assistance was mobilised. This effort was intensified by the appointment in August of an international REACH facilitator, who is working in close cooperation with the SUN Governmental Agency and UN counterparts to reinforce multisectoral feeding activities, as well as the preparation of a new NAP for feed and diet.

In November, a NF was nominated. REACH commitment in Myanmar is financed by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) and focuses on the following objectives: Myanmar REACH Goals: Raising food security consciousness and building agreement on the best food policy and priority for improvements among the actors involved; strengthening the integration and operationalisation of important food policy, planning and programme at a multisectoral level; strengthening all layers of humanitarian and institution building capacities for food measures, in particular those of the main government departments; increasing efficiency and responsibility among the actors involved in the delivery and promotion of food measures.

With Khiri you can reach the'stars' in Myanmar.

DMC Khiri Travel's Khiri Reach, the non-profit organization of Asia-based DMC Khiri Travel, is sponsoring a protective measure to rescue the vulnerable Burmese star turtle. A 90-minute tour of the Bagan area in Centrally Myanmar includes a tour of the farm, nature reserve and information-center. The Khiri Reach supports the project by developing an information center and information panels in English and Burmese to help the educationally minded village people and the tourist.

The money collected will help to maintain the turtle farming program. Also Khiri Reach provided funding to buy a power generating set to supply freshwater to the center and various wildlife in the Minzontaung Wildlife Sanctuary where the program will be implemented. In the arid areas, hikers and ranchers can see the turtles that have been re-introduced into the wilderness.

Micro-chip locators have been installed on the bowls of some of the turtles that have been set free. Burmese star tortoise was on the verge of dying out around the year 2000 because of the massive illicit trade to China. "Myanmar's final goal is to re-establish sustainable star turtle population in all sanctuaries in the arid region of Myanmar," said Kalyar Platt, director of the Turtle Survival Alliance Myanmar program.

As she said, turtles are very important as distributors of seeds and grazing animals in arid areas and they are a major part of the nutritional cycle. "It' s important that we better understand the turtles and re-establish them as part of the drought ecosystems," she said. In the information and cultivation center of the burmesian painter Htin Lynn Nyo beautiful turtle motives are created, which can be imprinted on T-shirts and cloth-bag.

They will be on sale to those who want to help with the turtle farming and turtle approval programme. The Khiri Travel stand (AS603) at WTM London from 6 to 8 November 2017 will provide more information about the Khiri Travel Turtle Memorial Papermaché Tour. Willem Niemeijer, Khiri Travel's founding member, will be speaking at WTM at the World Responsible Tourism Day on November 8th.

For more detailed information about Burma's Star Turtoise program, please read a diary by Ms. Gili Back, Managing Director of Khiri Reach and Khiri Travel's Sustainability Manager, here. Both the Wildlife Society and the Turtle Survival Alliance are supporting the turtle protection scheme.

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