How to Reach Bassein Beach

This is how to get to Bassein Beach

The distance from the big cities to Bassein Beach. The beach can be reached from the road station in half an hour to an hour. Basssein Beach, Maharashtra The beach of Bassein is almost 70 km from the town of Mumbai. Basssein is a great touristic destination, offering both nature and art for visitors. It' a great place for picnics for the Mumbai population.

You can reach Bassein from Vasai RdSt.

The beach can be reached from the street stop in half an to an hour. It is a must to see the beautiful landscape of the beach, as it is the most beautiful one. Its clear sands are ideal for laying down on the beach and relax for long periods.

Sights near the beach of Bassein: Aside from the beach's own landscape beauties, there are wonderful places like Akloli Spa, Portugese fortresses, Vajreswari temples and Nalasopara town. Flowing bathtubs have been installed near the source, where the trailers can take a bath. Bassein Beach is a pristine sight:

Its tranquil beach ambience is so tempting that it invites the visitor to linger for a few minutes. A lot of people come to Bassein beach at the weekend to rekindle the feeling and vitality that has been wasted. It is a nice beach, perfect for hiking and sunbathing. It is not the perfect beach for swimming, as the ocean here is very shallow.

You will find tourist and visitor who play on the beach and sunbathe on the beach. However, it is not recommended to play in the sea here at Bassein beach. Bassein's scenery is more stunning as there are many palms around the beach.

You can relax in the lush vegetation on the beach. Mumbai's residents find it ideal for recreation on weekends. An unforgettable sight of the beach's setting sun is guaranteed. A less overcrowded beach set in a verdant setting, ideal for those who want to relax in the heart of the countryside.

You can find beach waters of coconuts and some other snacks are also available on the beach. Humans like spending the days and evenings on the beach. There is a bright beach at the moon during the nights. A lot of folks like it to relax and unwind on a quiet and lonely beach during the bright moonlight moon.

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