How to make Myanmar Food

Making Myanmar food

Again you make my mouth water - I can't wait to go to Myanmar. Curry is a delicious meal with pork, fish, prawns, beef or mutton. In this video you will learn how to make delicious fried noodles. Is the thought of green chili making your stomach boil? Shan's traditional and special dishes in Myanmar.

Traditional Myanmar Cuisine - Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant, Mandalay Traveller Reviews

In the Mingala bar Myanmar you can try local dishes. When you first arrive in Myanmar, don't miss the local food. Once you're done, relive the Myanmar desserts. When you want to have a typical Myanmar food, go to the Mingalabar! We' had our best dinner here while we were in Mandalay.

There' s nothing to be done incorrectly in the Mingala Bar. A must-see when you are visiting Mandalay. It was an excellent, enchanting and certainly valued at 5-star. The food was both very delicious and very cheap. Mingala bar was the first place we ate after our trip to Myanmar today.

Mingalay is a beautiful but bustling, lively town - we decided on Mingalabar by Trip Advisor, and after we came by early, we were even more decided to have lunch there. Food was quickly prepared and extremly crisp and abundant. Having experienced other Southeast Asia dishes, we expected them to be less hot - that's not what's great.

Have you been to the Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant?

Myanmar nutrition guide

Embedded between some of the best food areas in the word, India, Thailand and China..... Burma has some of the most exhilarating and diverse cuisine in all of Southeast Asia. It'?s one of my favorites, Mohinga! Serve it with a roasted bread sticks and it's a great way to get into the mornings!

It' astonishing and I'm sure you'll like it! Lape Toke is the favorite, made from fermenting tealeaves, fried lemon seed, chili and clove. Situated in eastern Myanmar, the state of the River Shaan has a distinctive Chinese flair in its cuisine. Pasta from all over the world.

There' re practically 100s of these Curry's all over the land. There are too many to choose one for my favorite. To try a choice, I suggest the "Feel Good Myanmar Restaurant". Dosas, the Indian-style crêpes, can be found all over Myanmar in local shops. I like the one stuffed with coconuts and bananas, which is really cool and really inexpensive!

There is only one way to get cold as a warm South East Asian state. That' just scraping the top of the astonishing amount of food Myanmar has to supply!

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