How to make Burmese Food

Making Burmese food

Admit it: You are very poorly trained when it comes to food in Myanmar - and we were until we got a copy of Burma Superstar. Burmese cuisine's better side. Delicious two-ingredient pineapple-nail food Curry is phenomenal here because of the influences of all cultures that make up this cuisine.

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The best Burmese food alternative: pâté pasta

Myanmar food can be tasty, but at the same tasting it can be very demanding, especially for the belly. They must remember that the land is not yet correctly adjusted to tourists. It is easy to find tourist places around Yangon and favourite places like Bagan or Inle Lake, but otherwise your choices are made easier in places where sanitation is not your strong suit.

I myself became so ill in my tummy that I spend three whole nights consuming it. But if you make the right decision, it can be very worthwhile to experience the food in Myanmar. The definition of Myanmar cooking can be tedious. It is influenced by China, India and Thailand. But the most traditionally prepared meal you will find in the whole land is different types of curries.

You' ll find vegeterian curry prepared with innumerable condiments that reminds you of the flavours of India. Others were curry, crisp and stewed vegetable, which clearly had China influences. They are suffering from hygienic and infectious diseases in this state. Olive oils help to conserve food as they do not allow germs to enter.

Firstly, the odds of gastritis are lower. The only Burmese food choice in most cases is curry. To prevent gastric problems, you have to be really cautious where and what to order. Also, if you have a faint gut and do not want your journey to be filled with cannabis, try to prevent food from being eaten in unhygienic places.

It' a very clear piece of good practice, but it's important to keep it in the back of your head when you try Myanmar's kitchen. North of the mainland, on the border with China and Thailand, the classic pasta is number 1. However, it is not the traditional pasta that we enjoy in China and Thailand but is prepared in the Myanmar way.

Shan pasta! Traditionally they are from the Shan state, but you can find them everywhere light. It contains flesh. Slightly acidic, but without loosing the flavour of beef. Delicious Shan-pasta! A few other miracles of the North were the large amount of sweets with a great Mandarin impact.

They were abundant, from eating on the streets to cafés and canteens. I undoubtedly preferred paddy with chopped fillet of pigs stewed in a sauce of bananas. Finding more common tasty snack like stewed rolls with vegetable or meats was also quite simple. Your abdomen was not prepared for an oil-covered 7am according to the weather.

Yangon food, look out! In addition, in Yangon there are in some cases coincidental regional eateries with a very comprehensive British cuisine. You could always find classic dishes such as "medical egg" and "liver and gastric salad" on these menues. Finally, I would like to say that Burmese food is always a pleasant experience and can be very worthwhile.

As in most Asiatic lands you have to be very cautious, but you should pay special care in Myanmar, because there are no touristic possibilities.

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