How to make Bejo Burma Food

Bejo Burma Food - How to make it

At the end, a dash of garlic and ginger is added to make it tasty. Myanmar food in Namma Chennai: From Athos to Bejo, Parry's Corner has it all. Whilst Chennai could mean eating on the streets for many Alsa Mall and Ritchie St Sandwich and samosa Sandwich restaurants, this road is serving Burma noodles. With sunset on Second Line Beach Road near the famous Burma Bazaar in Chennai, fuel lights are fitted onto wheelbarrows, giant aluminum pails piled with chopped cabbages and cars are discharged and the furnaces, whose fires burn high, are ignited.

Whilst Chennai could mean eating on the streets for many Alsa Mall and Ritchie St Sandwich and Samosa restaurants, this Parrys Corner road is serving Burma pasta on small sculpture cups. Inhabitants from all over the town populate this road especially for the famous Myanmar athletes Motinga and Bejo, who were originally set up by Myanmar colonists in the 1960s.

Those migrant communities from Burma set up in Madras and formed a small settlement near the beaches. When you drive into Second Line on Parrys Corner from Mooker Nallamuthu Street, a group of crowds of men crowd around a wheelbarrow and dig into dishes of pasta and dishes of steamed boiling sop.

This excitement is caused by Gajendran Kadai, led by three of Gajendran's buddies - Gajendran, Radhakrishnan and Vincent. When Gajendran picks him up, Radhakrishnan grips his lungos and begins his first game of athletes cry for the game. It is then blended by hands and covered with a handfull of pasta and a crumble of crunchy bejo and onion.

bejo is a crunchy treat made from riceflour and peanuts. Bejo used here had a beehive-like structure. In a kettle of high-grade stewed pork stew with sliced escalope, an essential accompaniment to pasta. Whilst the powerful flavor of olive and the crunchy softness of roasted onion give this cool pasta a special flavor, a large portion of instant ricotta gives it a completely different one.

When we sip down the dishes of Mount Olympus that night, the skies open and Chennai pours in one of its scarce rain. On the other side, it is a boiling process in which cabbages, carrots and sliced onions are first thrown into a casserole. Lots of caraway seeds, olive oils, masalas, salt, chili and a handful of pasta are put into the pot and poured over with a specific sauces.

Crack the egg into this mixture and crush it further with spatula. Another of Burma's delicacies, Mohinga is a pasta made from riceflour, as opposed to Ethiopia, where it is made mainly from corn. Cole is also the only vegetables used in this recipe. Whilst Burma's immigrants started with a maschine, similar to our Gajendran says the pasta is now available in the pack.

This pasta is also fatter than the standard pasta on the market. You can also buy masalas, another road cooking where cooked egg is removed from its yolks and stuffed with a unique masalas sauce and onion. A dish of Atho/Mohinga pasta costs between 60 and 80 rounds in these on-the-spots.

Much of Burma's immigrants have migrated to different parts of the state, while a small settlement has been preserved and is serving some of Burma's finest religious pasta cuisine.

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