How to go to Thailand

Getting to Thailand

The simplest way to save money in Thailand is to live like a local. An ideal starting point for exploring Southeast Asia, whether on a package holiday or an extended backpacking tour. Trekking in Northern Thailand. Discover the remote places in Thailand. Hiking and camping in the national parks.

Thirty-nine things you need to know before you travel to Thailand

In the near distant past, if you are planing a journey to the Land of Smiles, have a look at the guidebook I used in Thailand and my Top 11 ESSENTIAL articles for the world! Somehow Thailand is where all this madness started. Not having my first experience of my own world adventures, my Bangkok experience was the first truly out of my comforts.

Since I was 12 years old, I have been experiencing a serious case of wanderlust, but our journey to Thailand has reawakened my need to journey with revenge. The only thing I like more about travelling than adventures is eating. I wanted to tell you today a shortlist of things you should know before you go to Thailand.

There' s no line up. That took me a few day (and many long wait times for the ladies' room) to find out.

When you drive to Patpong Rd at noon ( "Bangkok's Red Light District"), ask your cab to come and get you at a certain hour. Otherwise you'll have a tough fight with all the other drunks to find a lift to your city. Playing is only allowed on certain dates (by order of the Emperor, which you are still not speaking of, right?).

Get ready for many screams, drunken men and general debaucheries. Mangos in Thailand are the most exquisite in the whole wide globe. I would suggest that you bring a lightweight coat or cover-up even on a day when a sanctuary is not on your route - you never know when you'll come across a nice water you want to try!

Most of the best-loved breweries also produce bottle-tails. When you order a "Chang" or "Singha", the waiter will probably answer "Chang Beer" for clarification. To make it easier for yourself, first order "Chang water" or "Singha beer". I didn't see any on some of them, on others they crawled over my legs while I tried to eat a jujito.

Overnight accommodation in a five-startel. It will be difficult for you to find a better offer in a top resort than in Thailand.

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