How to go to Myanmar from Thailand

Getting to Myanmar from Thailand

How is it best to travel by land - train/bus? Notices:: Benefit from the comfort and simplicity of using the Web Check-in for your stay with Thailand. Bookings can be made 24-1 hours before take-off at all TAI check-in points on-line. - iCheck-in cannot be used for Royal Orchid Plus mileage. - TBARAI retains the right to refuse carriage if the transport documents are not intact.

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Discover the heart of Myanmar and Thailand

Upon your arriving, a transfer will pick you up and take you to your downtown resort. Following a short refreshment and getting used to the new environment in the mornings, a guided walk in the evening awaits you in the guesthouse. You will be picked up from your accommodation this mornings and taken to Insein Township, where one of the best grocery stores in downtown is located.

In Yangon, after a brief stop, you will take the local'Kreiszug', which travels in a district around different parts of the city from Yangon Central Yangon. Returning to the city in the evening, you will be escorted to Shwedagon Pagoda, the most venerated buddhistic sanctuary in Myanmar. We continue our trip through Myanmar with a brief internal trip (about one hours and 20 minutes) from Yangon to Bagan.

You will be picked up by a guide and brought to the airfield in good season and picked up at the other end and brought to your new accommodation. As soon as you have got used to it, you can discover the rest of the afternoons before your evenings begin. This night we have organized a boat trip on the Irrawaddy River while the light goes down over the airplanes of the temples.

You will go on land from the ship to discover the mass-free shagodas and then hike through the tranquil Shwezigon to see the lighted façades and meet local people at a local bar. You will get up early this mornings to hover over Bagan's temple and the powerful Irrawaddy River on an memorable ballooning flight.

The start is just in order to observe the sunrise over the glittering Irrawaddy River, the plain and the thousand different types of peaks below you. This expert guide will show you the most popular places and tell interesting tales about Myanmar's temple and civilization, while the hot air ballon is drifting over Bagan for about an hours.

Explore some of the city's most important churches this afternoons and take a close look at the city's wealth of cultural and spiritual life. Begin with a trip to Shwezigon, one of Myanmar's most sacred places, known for its gold-plated coupé coupe. Then you will be taken to Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi near by to see the lovely murals on the inside and the unbelievable stone sculptures on the outside.

Following this introductory tour of Bagan's famous marquees, take a close look at its civilization with a tour of a choice of historic garages and a typical town. Today is the right moment to move on. Now to Mandalay, which is four hours by car.

They will be picked up first and taken to the Mahamuni Pagoda, Mandalay's most important place of worship. Afterwards, you' ll be able to see the artisans at work in some of the city's historic garages. Afterwards, we go to the Kuthodaw Pagoda, whose 729 plates of Buddhist slab have given it the name" Largest Book in the World", and then to the Shwenandaw Monastery, the only preserved 19. stol.

Finish on to the summit of Mandalay Hill, where the setting light allows you to admire the beautiful view of the town and the Irrawaddy River. Their first stop here is the Serpenttempel; formally named Hmwe Paya, the place is, as the name implies, known for the solid pithons that inhabit the temples and for its Buddha in the midst of cobras.

Observe this strange celebration from afar and come nearer to grab the serpents when you dare! Afterwards you will explore the deserted jungle-covered temple in the Ava-like Paleik atmosphere, a truly impressive place that few visitors will see. In the afternoons you have free time.

It' back on the streets (or quite figuratively in the air) this mornings as you put Myanmar behind you and head for Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It is a pleasant and brief trip, about an hours and a half, and you will be picked up at the other end and taken to your new resort in the city.

In the afternoon you will be welcomed by a guided walk through the many lovely temple complexes around Chiang Mai. Begin by visiting the center of the Old Quarter and stop at the Three King Monument on your way to Wat Phra Singh, one of the most venerated monuments in the world.

We then walk to Wat Chedi Luang and through Chiang Mai's Silberviertel to Wat Sri Suphan, an artistically decorated sanctuary made of pure sterling. Mae Taeng Valley Elefant Park is a very unique event, and a visit to an Elefant Park in the Mae Taeng Valley is a must for any Thailand travel.

You will be free to move around the garden, but you are used to the everyday feed routine and are probably close by. Make many photos to remind you of the date and then say goodbye before returning to Chiang Mai. Drive through the gardens to get on a long-tail and across the dam to a swimming table.

Get to know the applied agricultural techniques and enjoy the afternoons in a typical town. This is where you will encounter the welcoming people and get a true taste of Thailand's countryside before returning to your hotels for supper. Now it is the right moment to drive southwards to experience a well-deserved happiness on the sands. You will be picked up at your accommodation and transferred to Chiang Mai International where you will take a 2 hours straight to Phuket.

Again you will be picked up and brought to your new resort, this one on the sand banks of this wonderful isle. In the afternoons, hike down the shore and dive your feet into the ocean before setting down for a drink to enjoy the sunset and the glow of the skies.

Once you have reached the altitudes in a hot air balloon over Bagan and the etheric afterlife of the many Buddhist monasteries you have been to, the next few nights are all about returning to the ground, relax and enjoy the sun. Whilst all our vacations are fully customized and the rates depend on the season and the standard of your stay, we would like to give you a good indication of how much this trip will be.

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