How to go to Myanmar

Getting to Myanmar

Can I share with you the input of experts (who were there and did) for GoPo at for a similar question: Highlights of group travel for private, tailor-made and special interests, as well as extensive flight and bus ticketing, MICE and business travel. When I meet backpackers, I always tell them: "You must go to Myanmar. Discover the beautiful landscape of Myanmar (Burma) and the fascinating places that Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan have to offer. What is the purpose of your holiday in Myanmar?

We' ve got in-depth understanding of all the city' s major attractions and secret Myanmar' s jewels, and our consultants are here to organize your journey! Burma is a fast-paced place that is offering more and more to the visitor every year - we know the land inside out and our primary goal is to offer thrilling and character-filled trips that cross borders.

Be it a day in Bagan, a boat ride through the pristine Myeik Archipelago or a tour into the mountain wilderness of Chin State - we make sure that the adventure gains more and more deepness and pleasure by exploring the area. Tailor-made itineraries for a broad variety of trips, from price-conscious choices to the last words in deluxe, and from private to large groups.

Myanmar's vast network: We have expertise in the management of logistical demanding travel, which includes the most exciting motorcycle and auto journeys to and from Myanmar in India, China and Thailand. We combine Myanmar's expertise and expertise with a global view to creating a product - and expertise - that offers the best of both worlds. Our teams are committed to providing the best in both of them.

Committed to good corporate citizenship: We concentrate on offering possibilities to train community leaders and leaders in the workplace; we make regular donations to colleges and disaster recovery fund; and our goal is to develop vibrant and ethically sound trips that have a beneficial effect on the area. Compete Competitively Priced: We compare our rates on a regular basis to make sure we can provide the best possible trips at the best possible rates.

Getting to Bagan Myanmar

Bagan is probably the only city in Myanmar you have ever met. Now, this is Bagan. It is used by operators all over the globe to advertise the concept of travelling, yet many of us do not even know where it is - although they have admired it several times.

Prettier than you could ever have imagined (unless you've seen the omnipresent photographs of it), Bagan is home to over 2000 buddhistic shrines and memorials spread over a huge area of luxuriant grounds. It' the city of Myanmar's source of great pleasure and excitement, and an essential must for everyone who travels the world.

While there are several points in Myanmar from which you can begin your trip to Bagan, we will concentrate on the most important travel locations within the land, as you will probably be there. Myanmar's most visited towns are Mandalay, Yangon and Inle Lake.

Myanmar's best way to get around is the Irrawaddy Creek Tour. As Myanmar's tourist industry and infrastructures are still evolving, travelling by road can be challenging. The advantage of a boat trip on a small riverside is that you don't have to book your accomodation, which can be very intricate.

Instead of winding dirt streets, you have a panorama view of Myanmar's stunning canals and the thick, gorgeous scenery that line their shores. Cruise itineraries have been designed so that visitors on the boat can experience the best of the land and many of Burma's genuine cultur.

While most Myanmar riverside trips begin or end either in Bagan, if you choose to go alone before or after your trip, continue reading to find out how to get to Bagan from other Myanmar tourist locations. Though Yangon is no longer the capitol of Myanmar (this award was given to Naypyidaw in 2006), it is still the liveliest town in the state.

When your day on this day is more important than your cash, the best way from Yangon to Bagan is to fly from Yangon International to Nyaung U Air. You can take a taxi from there and be in Old Bagan in 10 min. or New Bagan in 20 min.

Although it is so near on the roadmap, it will take longer than you might think to travel between Mandalay and Bagan. Every working days two lines go to Bagan - a slower one that lasts 11 hrs and an 8 hour rush train that will take you there.

The Heho International Heho has frequent services to Nyaung U, which only take 40 mins. You can probably tell from what you have been reading that Bagan is not the simplest or most effective system in the whole wide web, but with a little perseverance and good planing you will always be able to move from A to B.

Cruising is the most safe and convenient way to get around the countryside. Culinary delights on the boat and cultural experiences as you explore the cityscape. If you would like more information on how to get to Bagan, Myanmar, or to book an Irrawaddy River tour, please do not hesitate to do so. Please do not hesitate to do so.

Our Myanmar travel guides can also help you plan your itinerary.

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