How to go Myanmar from India

Coming to Myanmar from India

It is a small town on the border with India. Enjoy the beauty and expanse of the best places in Myanmar. Accompany us on this unique expedition, which is being organized from India for the first time! Flights to Myanmar are listed on Skyscanner. Burma - India, Tamu - Moreh, Required for entry and exit, Required for entry only.


Myanmar is now only open to foreign visitors on a full Myanmar itinerary. It can be hard to organize the transportation from Dimapur (Nagaland) to Imphal (Manipur). and Myanmar looking to keep up its cool-discover-but-totally-discovered picture for at least other years, it is of course that the continuity between the two is going to soar.

You should visit the offical web sites and travel guides and ask yourself how you can get there by overland. The majority of the papers we have been reading have shown how to get from Myanmar to India so that we can expand our range of expertise from India to Myanmar with our work.

"Jeez, what a big weapon you got there, sir"; The colorful roads of Imphal. A Myanmar virus in your pass. Our visas were issued in Kathmandu, Nepal and it was simple - just a simple application blank, pictures and payments in crisp, clean USdollar. Some of the travelers told us that the message from Calcutta was tricky.

Don't even think about getting your visa'on arrival' at the frontier. Myanmar immigration officials have asked for a copy of our passports and visas. This is one of the many military control points on the way to Moreh. Imhal is the capitol of the state of Manipur (you do not need permission to visit).

Since Christmas was just over (a large part of the local people are Christians ), the town was in vacation modus, and there were no common cabs to Moreh. Anyway we drove to the common cab area around 9 o'clock in the morning (see card below) and paid a chauffeur for the whole trip.

HOW IS IT AS A CITY? It' probably not the climax of your journey through India. After traveling around India for a while, you probably have an impression of what it's like. As Manipur is formally a'dry' state, we assume that the natives go to the frontier to get a lot to eat and let go - after all, after all, after all, we are far from curious glances.

In any case, we took one of the dozen Rikschas (INR30/GBP0.30/USD0. 45) to another crossroads about 2 km away. He threw his machinegun over his wrist, checked our passes and acknowledged what the giant shield said - the frontier was shut on Sunday. However, with the certainty that the boundary was open for Myanmar from our approval, it seemed that "closed" was just a technicality.

A number of areas were pointed out before we sat at a shady desk, where a weary, dull officer eventually showed up with his migration folder, checking if we had been allowed to pass the line (he couldn't see the Myanmar letter), and stamping our passes. Stage 4: To Myanmar and Beyond!

Here we presented our approval letter: The type there phoned a member of the approval authority who came on his motorbike 5 mins later. While they photographed our papers on their cell phone, we gave them copies of our Passport and Myanmar Visas. Considering everyone is in casual clothes and the sound of cell phone sounds, it's all pretty casual.

We went back to the check point with a quick'ok' through walnut-coloured dentures, had our passes examined for the nth case that had happened and hurray - Welcome to Myanmar! It' s still about 2 km to Tamu itself, but it doesn't really have a center like Moreh, but it lies on the astonishingly well asphalted'Friendship Highway'.

It felt like a long stroll and afterwards we would have liked our "border helper" to have organised a cab. Honestly - there is nothing in Tamu that could help your coming. You' re doing well to use more than this to get across that line. It is assumed that there are two different long-distance coach operators that operate from different sides of the city.

On the other side of the street, the woman at the writing table showed us a little bit of a nice place - probably the only one in the city - that would swap our US Dollar and Indian Rupees. Your quote for both was really good - better than if we had drawn the same amount from an ATM (with rates) and had to pay the usual banking charges.

From Tamu there were other places to go, but you want to be well investigated before you get there. It was a real deluxe experience for us, considering we had exactly two really warm showerhouses in India. Elsewhere we learnt that there could be a coach connection from Imphal to Mandalay from 2016.

We are not sure how this would work, considering the 3 week permit period, not to mention the army control points and the mere travel times through upland. It was not a particularly picturesque frontier but it gave us many beautiful recollections.

The crowds of Myanmarans who greeted us with their rucksacks, smiled and giggled were inestimable. Thanks a lot for the very useful and extensive consultation I found during the trip from India to Nepal. 1 - How long did it take for the Myanmar Mission in Kathmandu to apply for a permit? 2 Did you remain in Imphal and have visited something in Manipur?

We' ve been told that this is a politically instable area (' the most instable area in the north-east states...'). We' re going to go exploring around Imphal before we head to the boarder, maybe trek, but it might be inapposite..... 3 - Have you also left Myanmar by road (it looks as if the passage to Thailand would be a similar ordeal).

cIf so, which checkpoint did you use? After we crossed the Myanmar-Thai frontier, in Mae Sot. There was much less trouble, as many folks here make frontier crossings. Upon your check-in you can get a 2 week visas. We look forward to our journey through this area, equipped with genuine information about the current state of affairs when the borders are crossed.

I' m the owner of an Indian passport, next year in February 2017 I plan an overland trip from New Delhi to Bangkok via Yangon. How many workdays it takes to get to Bangkok and hitchhike back from Moreh Border. What is the procedure for obtaining a Thailand visas in Yangon and how many nights does the visas take?

Where are the other official procedures for crossing the Myanmar-Thailand frontier? Simply cancel your trip from big town to big town. I' m the owner of an Indian passport, next year in February 2017 I plan an overland trip from New Delhi to Bangkok via Yangon. How many workdays it takes to get to Bangkok and hitchhike back from Moreh Belder.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Thailand visas in Yangon and how many nights does the visas take? Where are the other official procedures for crossing the Myanmar-Thailand frontier? You can get a visas on your way to Bangkok u upon your flight to the city. From Manipur/Tamu I am planning to leave Myanmmar at the end of October. In Calcutta I need to get a tough visas (no e-visa) and I need to reserve a trip or a tourist guidance?

Hey, if you ever go to our state of Manipur, I could show you a nice hill. I' m landing on this page and trying to travel from our state to the neighbouring states. I' m going to see Imphal next February. Kyle, it seems you need a warrant for manipur now, so you'll probably need to get it from the mob.

There is no need to make a booking, but we have organized our approval through the firm we have mentioned in the mail. On both sides of the frontier you will find transport facilities when you enquire. I' m already in more and I have no permission, now I have to apllicate what I comprehend.

Can' I just get it from Myanmar's gateway? I also drive from Myanmar to Nigeria and have a touristic visas. If I get this authorization, can I take the plane from there? Hello Nigel, As we said in the mail, it took 3 week to organize a visit or it did when we went through last year.

I' m just wondering how you can get a zero fare visas. If you need a visas upon your arrivals, you can get it at Jangun University. I' m an lndian passporter. I' m just wondering how you can get a zero fare visas. If you need a visas upon your arrivals, you can get it at Jangun University.

I' m an lndian passporter. We may have seen a change in the circumstances, as we passed the border almost a year ago, and we have been told by other colleagues that you now also need a permit for the India side. I plan to go to Myanmar by motorcycle this month of december, do you (or anyone else) know if this is possible with the same type of bike or if there could be any inconvenience?

We are not sure if we can get a motorcycle through, but we met a Mexican couple who have applied for permission to pass through a delivery truck in Nepal. 1 ) In which country and towns in these lands (and at which addresses in each city) can I obtain permission to travel across the Myanmar frontier near India?

2 ) How much does the authorisation costs? How many days should I stay? and how long is it for? Hello, We have organized our permission to enter Moreh by e-mail from the firm mentioned in the posting. But you don't need a licence to pass all of them.

When you enter Myanmar, you can get your visas upon your return to Myanmar. Took about 3-4 week to organize the approval, which was also sent to us by e-mail. So why didn't you stay more in India? I' ve been living in Thailand and now I' m living in Vietnam, (also in Myanmar), but I'm telling you, no land in South-East Asia is as astonishing and culturally as the sub-continent of India.

Hello I know......I've travelled all over India for 4 month ;) I' ve had the most unbelievable period there, and India will always have a place in my hearts..... and we will definitely return in the nearness. On this occasion we wanted to go through another part of India and found the north-eastern states very different.... almost like a separate land and were absolutely astonished at the experience we had and the local population.

I come from the north-east of India and would welcome you to discover our wonderful country at any time. There are many small towns I haven't visited, so let's do it together from my town. It'?s from More. Please help me get across the line. Hey, if your friend is from Myanmar, can she help you with the information?

Hello people, your information has been helping me to organize my journey, so here is my part, up to date information for today, maybe it helps someone (I just got to Moreh and am going to Myanmar tomorrow). There is no authorization required for state manipulation, at least not for aliens. I hear Indians need you, although I can't verify that.

  • still though, for the past 60 days or so have been bits of policy issues going on in manipur, so be wary. There were some difficulties with the transportation from Dimapur (Nagaland) to Imphal (Manipur). Obviously if goverment would be sending coach to Imphal, it gets to ash... so I ended up paying quite pricey split auto (1500rp). which way is too much, yet I didn't have much option and after two dailies on the street, I wasn't in a mood to quarrel the award... 2.

A MYM regimen recently amended the terms, now you have to pay two-way passage (though you are about to cruise just once), which costs me $160. I' ve used the same office you mention here. A common cab from Imphal to Moreh costs me $5000. My friend from Imphal set it up for me.

This is not uncommon in India if you are a non-national. Are you able to refresh information as to whether you have successfully passed the limit? Hello Gaskan, I haven't heared from Jan since he passed over, so I guess he made it! So I guess that's still possible.

When contacting the agent we mention in the article, they should be able to provide you with the latest information. I' m a travel-happy author (Mumbai)...traveled many India and Asia towns...... in the quest for a good society interested in discovering places, peoples, cultures..... that has come a long way or is keen to visit India, Nepal, Burma Bhutan...any sex, any ages, any background, but certainly of paramount interest in it all?!

Thank you for the most instructive cross borders blogs. In Bangalore (India) my motorcycle is going to Malaysia, your information about cross the Borders and obtaining MTT was indeed very useful, but I have a query for how many day MTT is applicable, do I have to return on the same trip, will the same MTT be the same?

It' been a delight to read your story and good to know that other travellers are also trying this voyage and share their experience. I now have a fairly good image of the passage itself, but what about the states before they got to Manipur. Do you need a license, a leader or a group to cross these areas on your way to Manipur?

I am travelling through the Nepal-Indian frontier at Ilam. What permission do you mean for Myanmar? from a Myanmar office before you even got into the nation. In the next few working day I will be visiting both Burma and India in Kathmandu and hope that they can clear up the matter a little more.

Sincerely, I want to go to Myanmar on my Nepal registered bicycle. Now, I want to know if I can cross the line? I am from Manipur and I have just read all the talks here and I want to make you realize that there is more to manipulate than just the imphalus.

Other uncharted mountain areas such as Tuengglong and Ukrul are definitely waiting to be visited, especially by those who love adventures, the countryside and the rural villages, and it is definitely a good idea to stop off and discover them for a whole weekend before heading to Myanmar. I was unable to go to Thailand via Myanmar because I was reading somewhere that if we crossed the Indian Myanmar frontier we could not leave by plane from Thailand to India.

We were informed at the Embassy that we should receive an invoice from an offically accredited Myanmar tourist agent, with a full route. She was informed by the department that single international travelers could no longer exceed this limit. Quotation from her post: "The only way to get across this line is in an organised vehicle convoi and you must be paid to be accompanied by a certified tourist and tourism officer for the whole of your stay in Myanmar.

They say they can only give permission if you have/order a full packet to visit the state. It also said that it is not permitted to leave the land at another boundary if you pass through Moreh/Tamu. We may also take a flight from Bangladesh sometime, although we want to prevent it.

Our Myanmar contacts as well as the Exotic Tours agent are sending it to us with the claim that they can no longer give it. I don't think it sounds good if you can traverse it, it wouldn't suprise me if it is a consequence of the Rohinga war. In our own experiences I would not advise you to go to the checkpoint if you are not sure that you can get through.

I' m living in Myanmar, but remember to travel to this part of India soon.

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