How to go Burma from India

Coming to Burma from India

("Indian citizens do not need a passport for Nepal). The Indians can enter without a visa. Military dictatorships reject their demands or ignore them when they want to build mosques in the country or go abroad for religious ceremonies. ( or EC), unless they have already been issued with Indian passports or travel documents. Any and all transactions must be processed through Singapore.

Everything you need to know about the India-Myanmar-Thailand Highway

So if you haven't yet hear about it, we have some great things to tell you: the 3200 kilometre India-Myanmar-Thailand motorway will open in 2016, meaning that an unbelievable India-Thailand tour will now become a real thing like never before! The India Myanmar Thailand Hwy is part of a truce agreement between the participating state and is an all-weather street that winds its way through all these lands, enabling you to take a longer and more beautiful journey to your goal.

The 5 kilometre Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section of the Asian Hwy is now in operation. As a result, the journey times between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik have been cut from three to about 45 mins. After the opening of the tri-lateral motorway India-Myanmar-Thailand in 2016, a coach transport between Imphal, Manipur and Mandalay can be established to make this unique journey easier for you!

A trip from India to Thailand by street is one of the most exciting of all. On the way along the motorway you can admire a panorama view of the green, luxuriant hill country of Shellong. Because of its cold climates (Scotland of the East) and the unspoilt natural beauties of the surrounding mountains, Chillong is one of India?s most popular tourist resorts.

The town is relatively environmentally friendly and is ideal for those who want to escape from the jungle of plain retreat. The monsoon, which started in June, is a wonderful time for Sillong. Attractions in Shillong: 1 ) Elephant Fall - Located on the edge of the town, these are twins falling in dents in fern-covered crags.

2 ) Shillongg summit - This is the highest point of the state and a popular place for picnics. 4 ) Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum - gives an overview of the region's ethnical clan cultures and traditions On the charms of the old Myanmar town of Bagan; Myanmar used to be a center of empowerment and has thus transformed parts of its own cultural and architectural heritage into its own.

Climbing peaks, tropical food and stunning views make Myanmar a must on the way to Thailand. There are a number of different buildings, each with its own unique architecture. Balloon rides over the town are available to enjoy the full splendour of the town.

The sunset in Bagan is also a spectacle not to be missed! Enjoy the sunset in Bagan! What to do in Bagan: 1 ) Temple Galore - Bagan has a large diversity of sanctuaries, all of which are definitely deserving a stay. Myanmar is a lively and vibrant center of Burma's people. Mandalay is the center of Burma's people.

andalay is known as a favourite town because of the diversity of available tourist. You' ll be able to live the authenticity of Burma's people. This town has much to do and much more to like. Activities in Mandalay: 1) Dine in one of the Mandalay streetside kitchens - The town offers a great selection of delicious meals at reasonable prices.

2 ) Sculpting - Discover and watch the ancient techniques of sculpting that are still widespread in the area. 4 ) Maha Muni Pagoda - This is a sacred center for the human race and the second most sacred place in Myanmar after the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. You can also hire a bicycle and discover the town on your own.

Mae Sot is a cultural town with a wealth of Thai culture....there is a great deal to see and enjoy. Bangkok welcomes you with its numerous rides, delicious food and exciting night life at the end of this exceptional journey.

It will be a journey that will change your world.

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