How to go Burma from India

Coming to Burma from India

To enter or leave Myanmar, you must book a special travel package by completing this form (you must register at least one month before your travel date). Both villages are Moreh (on the Indian side) and Tamu (on the Myanmar side). A taxi can be hired from Imphal to Moreh and then cross to Tamu on foot. When you arrive in Tamu, you can take a local bus to the nearest major city of Mandalay. Continue and get great deals on flights to Myanmar.

Favourable way to go from India to Myanmar?

In mid-July we are flying to Delhi to see the Rajasthan provinces. We' re planning to stay about 3 week in India and we' re going to Varanasi. To India we still have 5 week leave in Myanmar, Thailand and some day in Kuala Lumpur before we go to Melbourne.

We' d like to go from India to Myanmar, but a one-way ticket at the beginning of August costs about 300 Euro. Can I get other less expensive options or Myanmar connections?

Trip to Burma from India - Yangon (Rangoon) Board

hi! death to go to Myanmar, but there are no straightforward flights out of India and the tariffs on the Travel website are very large pricey. one choice i researched is to go to bangok on an cheap iangkok on an cheap iango carrier and do a bangkok/yangon trip on air asia. and then have had an awful experiance with air asia on my return last December from denpasar too delpasar via delpasar via kuala lugpur & any way i can do dei-thangon, yes!

As about Calcutta Yoga with Air India? thanks for your suggestion ý I checked and there is only one flights per week. And dont give any value for money!! if this fly is canceled - one is sticking for a full weeks! looks like the delhi-bangkok York on multi-carrier engines it has to be..... i have checked on the same thing over 1000 $ for a round trip..... i dont understand why. the removal is not far...... my card is 1300 for us to Cambodia.....

Is Myanamar accessible by car from India? Is Myanamar accessible by car from India? No, the Burmese frontier is sealed on the side of India. But if not, as an Indians you can traverse the frontier for a days or two. The Biman Bangladesh Airline, which flies from Calcutta to Dhaka.

He flies once a weeks from Calcutta to Rangoon on Monday and from Rangoon to Calcutta on Tuesday. I' m leaving for Yangon on March 16 and will be back on March 24, 2015.

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