How to get to Ngwe Saung Beach

Arrival to Ngwe Saung Beach

You can take a bus from Pathein or Yangon. Cash-and-Credit[Edit] Going around[Edit] See[Edit][Add entry][Edit][Edit][Add entry] Buy][Edit][Add entry] Food[Edit][Add entry] Drinking[Edit][Add entry] Ngwe Saung (Burmese ????

????) is the location of several seaside resorts and a small village in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar. They can rent a bike or take a motorcycle taxi.

Arrival to Ngwe Saung Beach

Please use the quick links below to skip to the required section on transportation to and from Ngwe Saung Beach. Buses to and from Yangon (Hlaing Thar Yar coach station) leave every day at 06:30 and 08:00. It will take about five and a half hour. Please be aware that Yangon's Thar Yar Railway Terminal is just outside the city - a 45-minute cab trip costs 8,000-10,000kyats.

From/to Pathein buses to and from Pathein leave every morning at 06:30 and 08:00 o'clock. After/from Chaung Tha It is possible to go to the beach of Chaung Tha by motorcycle and a row of three ferry boats. It will take 1,5-2 hrs and will cost 13.000 Kie.

Beach Ngwe Saung vs Ngapali Beach

The beach saison is almost over. As most of the Ngwe Saung properties are closed towards the end of May, only a few additional weeks remain to get away from the scorching Yangon sun for a beach holiday in Myanmar. Yangon's easiest beach to reach is Ngwe Saung: a six-hour coach ride or a five-hour ride.

It is not the most attractive beach in the underdeveloped area. Strandresorts puncture the length of the 9 mile long beach line, they are so far apart that it sometimes seems almost empty, and it still has the tranquil, relaxed, tropic feeling that is becoming so uncommon in Southeast Asia.

There' s not much to say about Ngwe Saung, except that it's a beach, and not inferior. Ngwe Saung is not a very scenic town, but it has some interesting gift stores and canteens. More interesting is the fishermen' s town about 5 km from Ngwe Saung.

Again, it is not the busiest fishermen town you will see, but it has a great beach pub - by far the most scenic nightclub in the area. It' s simple enough to rent a motorcycle to get there, or it's just over an hour's walking along the beach.

Now that this course and other resort will be constructed on this beach line, it seems to be only a question of the times before wind surfing is on offer to this group. Otherwise, Ngwe Saung is what it is: a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Yangon and unwind by the sea, in a place that has not yet been swallowed up by crowds of people, where you have no alternative but to unwind and do nowhere.

The Ngapali Beach is without a doubt more attractive than Ngwe Saung. Ngapali's luxuriant verdant hilly landscape just behind the beach offers a wonderful seawatch. In Ngapali, too, the sands are cleaner and white. But Ngwe Saung definitely won in value for the money. The Ngapali Beach is a $200 plus one-way ticket (or an extreme long coach ride) away and there are very few accommodations for less than $130 per overnight stay.

In the end, the somewhat more beautiful Ngapali Beach does not warrant the much higher costs. Shwie Pyi Lwin has busses to Ngwe Saung from Ngwe Saung at 6:00am and 6:30am from Yangon's northwest over the Mt. Yangon River just before 1:00pm. There is also a night coach from Asia Dragon that leaves Myanmar Gone Yi St (Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, just south of Aung San Stadium) opposite the intersection with Route 83 St. at 21:00 and arrives shortly after 3:00 in the mornings.

You can buy your Aung San Stadium entrance pass in the Aung San Stadium Südseite but many of these stores either tell you that there is no night coach or try to bill you up to 20,000 Kyat. On the way back the busses Ngwe Saung depart at 6:30 am and 8:00 am (9000 kyats).

There' s no night coach back to Yangon. In Ngwe Saung, Shwe Hin Tha (Ph. 01-650 588[Yangon office]; website) is the only Ngwe Saung resort that calculates rates that are deemed appropriate elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Yuzana Resort (Ph. 01-549-600[Yangon office]; Website) is a good retreat if you don't get anywhere.

It' has a certain charme with its almost spooky ambience of a run-down, half deserted beach resorts in the 70s look. The Palm Beach Spa (Ph. 01-581-100[Yangon office]) is a good option for those looking for more comforts. Claiming to give reduced rates of 90,000 Kyat for a room in the gardens and 120,000 Kyat for a room with ocean views to aliens living in Myanmar (or perhaps just trying to carve tourists).

Rooms are not specific enough to warrant the rate, but the furnishings are quite good.

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