How to get to Myeik Archipelago

Where to get to the Myeik Archipelago?

The Mergui Archipelago can be reached in several ways. In Myanmar, if you are traveling on our island safari as an extension of your Myanmar trip, you will need a flight from Yangon to Kawthaung. Flights from Bangkok to Surat Thani are regular. You can also take the train to Chumphon and from there take the car to Ranong. All information about travelling in the Myeik Archipelago and other interesting places in the deep south of Myanmar would be very welcome.

Where to get to the Mergui Archipelago?

The Mergui Archipelago can be accessed in several ways. We can be conveniently contacted via Yangon or Bangkok or Phuket by plane, coach and automobil. Flights last 3 hrs (with two stopovers on the way). From Thailand via Ranong If you want to arrive in Myanmar from the Thai southern frontier, you have to go via Ranong.

The Moby Dick Tour can provide a staff pickup services around Ranong, with assistance for the entire migration process. Getting to Ranong: - by coach From the Bangkok Central Station there is a frequent coach timetable to Ranong. In the evenings, the VIP coach (24set) leaves for a 9-hour night drive to Ranong at 8 p.m. (8 p.m.).

There is a 40er coach service from Bangkok to Ranong around 8.30 pm (8.30 am). - You can also rent a coach or minivan to take you either from the Bangkok International or your Bangkok hotels to Ranong. Pricing is quite high and the trip will also take about 9 hours.

Perhaps you are planning to go to Phuket or Surat Thani before participating in one of our island safari itineraries. In order to get to Ranong via Phuket or Surat Thani, you have to use the highway. - by coach (VIP or public bus) There are frequent coach services from Surat Thani (3-4 hours) or Phuket (4-5 hours) to Ranong.

  • You can also rent a coach or minivan to take you from the Phuket/ Surat Thani International Airports or your Surat Thani hotels to Ranong. - We can arrange a mini bus shuttle from Phuket/Khao Lak to Kawthaung to pick you up from various places on the islands between 06.00 - 06.30 (06.00 - 06.30).

It will take about 4 - 5 hours with a brief rest. Upon arrival at the Ranong Immigration Bureau, you will cross the stream to Kawthaung, where our staff will be waiting for you.

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