How to get to Myanmar from Thailand

What is the best way to get to Myanmar from Thailand?

Burma & Thailand: Hiking, Cycling & Kayaking Walk off the well-trodden paths on this tour through Myanmar and northern Thailand. Drive via Yangon to the isolated Loikaw Mountains, your starting point to the ancient Myanmar's ancient people. Trip on feet from Kalaw to Lake Inle, through towns where the handcrafted and homemade still have the upper hand.

The journey continues from the beautiful hamlet of Kyaingtong through the Golden Triangle to Chiang Mai, where a fascinating land of Thai treasure is waiting to be cycled. TROP UPDATE FOR 2019: Due to a decrease in Myanmar tourist numbers this journey was cancelled for 2019. If you are looking for other adventure that will see the best of Myanmar or get involved in Thailand, visit our Myanmar Highlights (TRSH) or Thailand:

Would you like to go on this journey? It is an activity route, so if you like to be involved, especially in hiking, this is the right journey for you. Walking tours vary from light to medium. We also offer 2 inclusive cycling tours of up to 35 km (22 miles), as well as a few kayak rides.

There is a fabulous two-day hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake, where you will spend the night in a convent or a simple guest house. Burma can be warm, damp and damp, so make sure you dress accordingly. Loikaw, Kalaw and Kengtung are generally a little bit colder. Because of the limitations for guides working in different nations, you will say goodbye to your Myanmar guide at the frontier on the 10th of the month and see your new Thai specialist at the frontier for the 10-12th.

Myanmar. Welcome to Myanmar. It is the largest town in the land and was the capitol from 1885 until a few years ago (the capitol is now Naypyidaw). For more information, please visit the hotels entrance hall or ask at the front desk where it will take place. When you can't book a ticket in advance, you may want to come a full working days earlier so you can participate.

Please contact the front desk if you are too slow. In order to get around in this beautiful town, you might take a stroll to Sule Paya, then down to the Vician ian Beach Hôtel to see the colorful Bogyoke Market and its amazing color. To have more free travel to Yangon, you should arrive a few nights before departure.

Flight to Heho this mornings (.5 hours) and shuttle to Loikaw by public transport (.5 hours). After lunch we drive to Taung Kwe Zedi, also known as the Broken Mountain Pagoda, where you have a beautiful panoramic look at the city and can watch a sun set on a clear sky.

Following your morning meal at the lodge, you will be taken to a small town (.5 hours). Afterwards it isýtime for your daily tour (approx. 5 hours). Trekking is organized by an NGO-supported, community-based organization that works for the development of sustained regional travel. One of the highlights of today's hike is a visit to the ancient Pan Pet settlements, located on a hilltop.

In the afternoon we head to Rang Ku to finish the hike. Return to Loikaw, stop at Ngwe Taung Dam for a brief stroll. Trip to Kalaw via Phekhone (approx. 4 hours). On to Kalaw, a city known for its distinctive, pristine rural style.

Transfers by your own vehicle from your hotels to the start of your hike. La Mine Taung Yoe is about 40 min. away. A walk (about 2 hours) from the town of La Mine will take you to Pin New, the town of Pao, where you can see craftsmanship. It is a long distance (about 30 minutes) from there to the hamlet of Drumke, known for its production of cages.

Then you hike on (about 1 hour) to the hamlet Kone Hla (Danu) for a midday break. Then in the afternoons you hike on (approx. 2 hours) to Pattubauk Dorf. Sleep in a rural convent or even in a small farm. It is possible to bring your own bags or, if you wish, you can bring your sleeping bags to the guest houses of the villages in advance for an extra charge.

Primary baggage will be delivered to your Inle Lake resort. Spend your morning enjoying your breakfasts and hike on to Lake Inle. A stroll to Kyaut Su (about 1 hour) and a brief rest, then on to Nan Yoke Village (about 1 hour). At this point you hike to Tone Le Jettys (about 2 hours), or a little further to Indein Jettys (about 3 hours).

From this point you get on a ferry to the wonderful Inle-See. Experience Inle Lakes from a singular point of view with a kayak breakfast in Nampang. You will be picked up from the motel in the early hours of the day and board a longtail and cross the river (approx. 45 minutes). Visit a wonderful old Intha styled wooden cottage in the south end of the Nampan town.

Dropping your purse, unpack and then drive to the tranquil Inn Paw Khone town, where the keayaks wait, and avoid the bustling areas around the lakes. Take a companion and paddle the next few miles southwards, away from the crowded boatload of travelers and into the tranquillity and silence of stilted towns and swimming orchards, all against the scenery of the magnificent Shan Mountains.

From time to time there is the possibility to see a home, go for a stroll in a small hamlet to find out more about their way of life, or perhaps see some of the more conventional ways of producing groceries. At the end of this activity you can take a bicycle and ride through this wonderful landscape from Mine Thauk to Nyaung Shwe (14 km, 8.7mi).

Flight to Kengtung and transfers to your hotels. It is possible to visit the Catholic missionary temple and watch the sun set from the "One Trees Hill", where a 245 year old oak is located. It is said that this plant was created by the King Alaungmintaya, who founded the Third Kingdom of Myanmar.

Today the hike takes about 4 hrs. Journey to Tachileik, with its enormous and colorful fair, then over the frontier to Thailand. You' ll enter the area of Chiang Rai, Thailand's most northern provinces, which is characterised by mountains, floral areas and luxuriant greenery. You will stop at the private Wat Rong Khun, better known as the White Temple, on the way to Chiang Mai (about 3 hours).

Continue along various arboretums and small highways winding around the towns on the edge of Chiang Mai, where you will get to know the Thai way of living and the true countryside of Thailand. Driving takes approx. 4.5 hrs with regular stop. You will end your journey today and you can leave at any moment.

Rates are subject to changes, so make sure you book your journey today! When making your reservation, please state the precise name of your valid first name and surname, as these are indispensable for the reservation of travel related travel related service. Surcharge for a single room is available on this tour and does not apply to the 5th night (monastery) in which you will be accommodated in a flat-sharing community.

Unfortunately, due to the decrease in Myanmar travel, this journey was cancelled for 2019. If you are looking for other experiences that see the best of Myanmar or are actively involved in Thailand, visit our Myanmar Highlights (TRSH) or Thailand: Would you like a deeper look at this journey? EssenttialTripInformation provides a route description, visas, how to get to your accommodation, what is inclusive - just about everything you need to know about this quest and much more.

Myanmar & Thailand: It is the ideal way to encounter some of the many races that make up the Myanmar people. Intrepid's ability to visit and hike to several isolated towns, together with a competent native tour operator, reflect its uniqueness in approaching sustainable and educated nature conservationism.

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