How to get to Myanmar

Getting to Myanmar

The bold airport names have scheduled flights with commercial airlines. Rail journey in Myanmar (Burma) Burma by rail....

? Timetables, prices & information....? It is Myanmar or Burma? Burma is the name for Burma and has always been, even in Burma's colonies." Myanmar is and still is the name of Burma. This website first uses Myanmar characters with the well-known name in parentheses, for example Yangon (Rangoon) or Mawlamyine (Moulmein).....

Should the timetables or rates have altered from those shown on this page, a picture of the fares and timetables at the railway stations would be very welcome! Railway operator: From Rangoon to Mandalay, the high-speed rail services are a fairly convenient and indeed relatively quick and timely way to get between these towns.

Indeed, the rail journey is a very recommendable adventure on the old British railroad. Ticket number: How to buy a ticket at the railhead. Pre-order your ticket now. Yangon to Mandalay is 622 km (388 miles). Yangon to Naypyitaw is 372 km (233 miles) long. Yangon to Thazi is 493 km (308 miles).

The 5/6 consists of new china wagons that were shipped in January 2016, although there is no sleeping car in this wagon. The 9/10 to/from Kalaw & Shwenyaung becomes the 143/144 to/from Kalaw & Shwenyaung, see below. It is a slower move and is not always shown on the timetables of the stations. Pull number: andalay is leaving: to Yangon (Rangoon):

Trains 5/6 now use new China buses that were shipped in January 2016 in this particular green-blue color pattern. There are 9 normal and 3 top of the range carriages, all with pneumatic springs for a better journey, but there is no sleeping car. Top-of-the-range automobiles on a Rangoon-Mandalay fast track are actually quite convenient, the absence of climate control is almost an asset, as the window opens for a cold wind and an incomparable view of the Myanmar landscape.

When you want a sleeping person, you must use turn 3 or 4, see the pictures of the sleepers with kind permission of Lindsay Stubbs. Supercharged seating in the 5/6 locomotive..... Usual school places on the 5/6th rail..... For Rangoon ticket purchases, contact the ticket sales point on Bogyoke Aung San Road, as described here.

They want the first counter on the lefthand side for Mandalay seats. You can buy your train passes on the departing date at the train terminal. Unlike what you will find in your guide, the Rangoon to Mandalay high-speed train is a convenient, rather quick and quite timely way to get between Rangoon and Mandalay.

In Rangoon, coaches are available in good times for getting on (usually on the platforms right in front of you when you get on the train), and they usually leave the engine immediately with pipes, waving banners and a long, low scream. Departing Rangoon at a speed of only 15 miles per hour, the kids try to hold on to the outside, speeding up to 40-45 miles per hour, passing small towns with palm-roofed houses erected on stilt walkways, and bullock trucks romping around slow on powdery streets, and occasionally passing whit or golden Stupas.

"From Mandalay to Yangon, Platoon 4, I took the sleeping man. "We took a last showers before taking our lunch stroll to the railway and our meeting with the top of the range seat of the Rangoon to Mandalay trains â??, which leaves at noon. Thirty[ this special move no longer runs].

It was a roomy car with folded but still unexpectedly comfy seating (albeit in the permanent fully inclined form), about 40 years old, but graciously with fully opening doors and a roof full of ventilators that worked! Driving punctually through the suburbs of Rangoon and then through a dry farm area.

Our trains sometimes slammed down or halted at a railway stop when a variety of suppliers - often with a variety of warm and cool dishes - appeared on the rooftop, among them a guy with cans of cool Myanmar public lager who blatantly delighted Tomâ??s. And then, all of a sudden at 3am, our on-time arrivals at Mandalay railwayhof!

We' d been concerned that we'd arrive in Mandalay at 3am, hoping the place would be there. There is a buzzing noise of musicians, teahouses, sleepers on the platforms and inevitable cabbies! "Yangon's Rangoon stand-- Trains leaving Rangoon..... Luxury sleeper coach near Bago..... andalay, here we come!

Over a dozen scene from the platoon..... Bagan, where 800-year-old monasteries and stupa extend a vast plains as far as the eyes can see, should not be overlooked. It is a real treasure on the routes of most people. There' s a day-to-day express from Rangoon to Bagan, which was launched in a sleeper at the beginning of 2010, see underneath.

Await a somewhat rough drive, but a true Burmese experience in a sleeping car that occasionally passes gold Stupa, with the scent of the fire blowing through your open-windows. A travel report with pictures can be found at

You can also take a fast rail from Rangoon to Mandalay, go to Mandalay and then take the fast boat to Bagan, a great trip. These are the specifics for the live trains. Pull number: Pull number: Yangon (Yangon) departure: Departure Bagan (Pagan): Shweedagar (for Pyay*) arr/dep: Shweedagar (for Pyay*) arr/dep: Bagan (Pagan) arrive:

to Rangoon (Yangon): A = sleeper cars of the top category (not in the wet season); C = top category seating (not in the wet season); 2 = second category seating; D = normal category seating. Pre-order your ticket now. This is how you buy your ticket at the railwayhof. It should have a dining carriage, but sometimes not, so always take your own picknick and beers.

A number of passengers on this flight tell of a particular type of person, others of a regular type. There is no rail entry if it is a specific sleeping car, so make sure you bring your own picknick, drink and beers. There is an entry charge of 25,000 kyats for foreign visitors to the Bagan area. It bypasses Pyay but goes very near it and reaches Shwedagar railway terminal, which is only 4 km from the centre of Pyay.

UPDATING IMPORTANT: For the June to October wet seasons, when there are few visitors, this locomotive was run without sleepers and top of the range seating for a while, although some sources suggest that they added the sleepers on more than 8 reservations. At the end of October the Sweeper & Ober Klassecar should run as usual again, but newer reviews indicate that they will not add the Sweeper until more than 8 reservations have been made.

It now seems to be a one-of-a-kind move and offers a "second class" that has never been seen on any of Burma's trains before. The second grade is similar to the normal grade, but with a little more upholstery. If you want to buy your ticket in time from outside Burma, see the How do I buy it? For Rangoon ticket purchases, contact the ticket sales point on Bogyoke Aung San Road, as described here.

They want the first counter on the lefthand side for Bagan passes. You can buy your train passes on the departing date at the train terminal. In order to buy your Bagan tickets: Now you must go to the train stations, unless you find a tourist agent who is willing to do it for you.

The former Myanmar Railways ticketing center in Nyaung Oo, Lanmadaw St, next to the Grand Empire Hotel, is said to have been shut down. The Bagan Stations is a state-of-the-art marina in the heart of nowhere, about 5 km south-east of the municipality of Nyaung Oo, about 9 km from Old Bagan.

A traveler reports: "Last weekend I took the Yangon to Bagan with my ancestors. A dining carriage should be connected to this platoon, but take your own provisions, just in case there are none. Trains unrolled on schedule. The four of us had a first-class asleeper.

Preordered supper with beers, supplied through the open windows at the railway near 7th Street ý the beers were cool and the rices and chickens were high. We rocking and rolling through the wonderful landscape. All of us got to Bagan too soon - apparently on schedule.

" Rangoon's Kolonialbahnhof..... Sleepers on the Yangon to Bagan express. Bagan-Yangon rail is pushed into the Baganplatforms. The Bagan Railroad. From Yangon, the Yangon railroad came to Bagan railhead. Antique churches line the plains of Bagan as far as the eyes can see....... Bagan is a temple that is spacious and easy to explore by bicycle.....

Inle Lake with the Thazi slowly trains..... To get to Inle Lake, first take an fast rail from Rangoon or Mandalay to Thazi and stop for the night, then either take a 4-5 hour long coach to Shwenyaung on poor road or, as shown below, the'Slow Train From Thazi'.

Might be the climax of your journey! Traction â"-: Traction â"-: Leaved Yangon the night before as number 9 and has no sleeping, see itinerary. It is better to move to Thazi with a transfer, as advised below. Arrival in Yangon the next morning after departure from Shwenyaung as number 10 and without sleeper.

It is better to switch at Thazi, as advised below. The distance Thazi to Kalaw is 197km (123 miles), Thazi to Shwenyaung 247km (154 miles). From Rangoon you have the option to choose between several possibilities. The 9/143 is a very low speed locomotive, not a sleeper coach, but only top of the range recliners, directly from Rangoon to Kalaw & Shwenyaung as shown above.

It is better to get off Rangoon at 06:00 by fast express 11 to arrive in Thazi early in the evenings, spend the next two nights at the Moonlight Guest House in Thazi and then take the next day at 05:00 by the 143 to Kalaw & Shwenyaung, a beautiful trip on the Thazi Swiftrain. From Mandalay: Take an afternoons or eveningsrain from Mandalay to Thazi (train 6 or 4), see Rangoon-Mandalay schedule above.

Sleep in Thazi, Moonlight Guesthouse is 15 minutes walking distance from the good, easy and tasty cuisine. The next morning take the 143 to Kalaw or Shwenyaung, a beautiful trip on the Thazi slowly trains..... Moonlight Guesthouse in Thazi is neat & easy with great dining, single room with ventilator $10, double room $15.

It is a 15 minute stroll or a brief (horse) cab journey along the street from the train stations to the city, and you will usually find rooms without prior notice. Once at Shwenyaung train stop, it takes 15 min (or take a 1,000 kyaat taxi) along the highway to the Tuk Tuk stop in Nyaungshwe.

One tuk tuk tuk directly from the railroad terminal to any of the hotels in Nyaungshwe city centre is 8,000 kyats per vehicle. Kids under 3 years are free, kids under 10 years are half price. The coaches are quicker, but Thazi's low speed trains are a great adventure not to be missed. Just take a look around.

Get yourself some sparkling wine and beers, then lie down in your upper-class chair (you may not have a chance - the reclining system is broken) and look through widely opened window onto the beautiful landscape, which passes by at only 15-20mbar. Having crossed the plains from Thazi, the locomotive goes up the hill and rises on a row of serpentines up a precipitous mountain side, driving backwards several time and up the hill to increase in heigth.

At several points the platoon winds around and duplicates itself again. Watch out for the very Anglo-Saxon Mock-Tudor Stations at the old UK top terminal of Kalaw. Yangon or Mandalay to Inle Lake: From Rangoon to Thazi by fast trains, see Rangoon - Mandalay schedule above.

A possibility is to arrive the previous morning and spend the overnight in Thazi, there are guest houses at the end of the entrance to the railway stations on the highroad. It is unlikely that you will have trouble purchasing a speed camera tickets to Shwenyaung at the checkout in Thazi when you arrive.

At Thazi, the Red Star Restuarant, where the railway terminal connects to the high street, is a good place to have a lunch while changing over. There is also a luxurious lounge for expatriates available at Thazi railway stations for $1 per group. From Inle Lake to Rangoon or Mandalay: There are many tourist offices in Nyaungshwe that can organize almost anything, except railckets!

Don't be afraid - just pass Shwenyaung Railway Terminal 30-40 min before the start of your trip to Thazi and you won't have any trouble getting an upper grade rail pass to Thazi. From Thazi to Rangoon or Mandalay see Rangoon - Mandalay schedule above.

Passengers can buy a Yangon rail pass when they get to Thazi. Shwenyaung - Thazi trains will probably reach Thazi on schedule or 15 min earlier (!). When you switch to an overnight ferry, this is your top of the list, so you will either be arriving in Yangon on schedule or maybe 20-75 min later.

At Thazi, the Red Star Restuarant, where the railway terminal connects to the high street, is a good place to have a lunch while changing over. There is a luxurious foreign errands available at Thazi railway for $1 per group. Superior quality seating..... Shenyaung Thazi platoon. After Thazi the slowly winding railway runs through the hill.

Short stop of the Shwenyaung-Thazi Trains at the villages railway yards..... Fantastic landscape on the low road from Thazi to Kalaw & Inle See..... On the way to Thazi..... Illusory Tudor ward in Kalaw..... Take the railway to Kipling's Moulmein..... Rudyard Ki-pling made his way to Mandalay, but Moulmein was the only town in Burma he actually went to, and the major pageant on the mountain crest above the town is the backdrop for his Burma Girl poet.

Pull number: Tram number: If you travel to or from Dawei, you have to change at Ye. In the past, Moatama was served by a boat across the Thanlwin to Moulmein, but the new viaduct and Moulmein rail terminal were opened on 18 April 2006.

From Yangon, take the new gangway directly to and from Moulmein itself and continue to Ye and Dawei as shown. There is a new stop behind the crest with the pagoda. Site plan of the Moulmein stop. Yangon to Moulmein is 281 km (176 miles). That' the price of the 35/36th.

It follows the Rangoon-Mandalay line to Bago, where it forks off and travels across the plain to the wide Sittung River, which it traverses over a vast and severely protected road/rail link. From a historical perspective, the railroad from Rangoon ended in Moatama (Martaban), the port for ferryboats across the Thanlwin River to Moulmein itself.

Now, the coaches are rumbling across the viaduct to a brandnew stop behind the moulmein-mountain. Brickyard, seen from the platoon..... From Moulmein rail terminal - see card. If you are traveling between Moulmein & Dawei, you have to change in Ye, although it is a one-way service.... Dawn seen from early dawn Dawei to Ye Rail.

Pull number: Tram number: Yangon Central Railway Departure: to Yangon Central Station: The 63/64 & 75/76 take Yangon Kyemyindine Railway not Yangon Central Railway Stations, which are a few stations north west of Yangon Central Railway Stations. Yangon to Pyay is 257 km (161 miles). Buying a ticket.

"At Pyay Central Station, near the Aung San State. It was only upper and lower school. Trains arriving around 11:00 p.m. left at 11:30 p.m. As we were buying the bus pass, we were informed that the 8am trains would be arriving at Yangon Central Station, and that was almost on time (between 8am and 8:30am).

An early dawn rail journey from Mandalay up to the mountains is a great adventure, see below. To the south of Hsipaw, the railway passes the Gokteik Bridge, a historical symbol. Pull number: Pull number: 1 = Chairs of first category O = Chairs of normal category.

South-East Asia Map The trains run every day. The distance from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin is 67 km (42 miles). The Mandalay to Hsipaw is 206km (129 miles). The Mandalay to Lashio is 280 km (175 miles). It is an early departure from Mandalay, but this is the best way to get to the old Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) mountain railway terminus and the Shan state cities of Hsipaw (Thibaw) and Lashio.

From Mandalay to the southwest, the railway soon turns north-east across the plain. It was still cloudy at this point, but merchants with flares and fire streamed to the platoon when he called railway stops along the way. In the morning the procession enters the bottom of the mountain and begins to climb. Shortly after arriving at the platform, the platoon trains reach Pyin Oo Lwin.

From Pyin Oo Lwin, the procession winds its way through beautiful landscapes to the climax of the journey, traversing a spectral gorge on the Gokteik Drama-Viadukt, shortly after Gokteik railway siding. You will see the Viadukt on the lefthand side of the railway when you exit Gokteik railway terminal and the railway turns to your Lefts.

As the Burmese consider the link to be strategically important, the move is at a walk across and you may be hindered from taking pictures. As one makes a daily excursion of Mandalay over the well-known Gokteik viaduct: The Gokteik railway is located on the Mandalay side of the Gokteik-Viadukts, i.e. from Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin, the railway reaches the Gokteik railway before it crosses the Viadukt.

When crossing the bridge by rail and want to go back immediately to the southwest, you should buy a bus ride to the railway terminal behind Gokteik, a small town named Nawngpeng, see the above stop. Here the northern and southern lines go through, so you can travel from Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin to the Viadukt and back in one working days.

Ensure that you are prepared to leap from the north to the south, as if the north to the south is too slow and the south is already awaiting as soon as the north to the north is received. At Nawngpeng railway you don't have much of a moment to buy a bus pass, just get on the return to Pyin Oo Lwin or Mandalay onboard.

Morning in the morning. After leaving Mandalay in the dark, the day's rays are gradually rising, a magic voyage..... Merchants stream to the draw - some stops on this line seem to specialize in the production of clean-flower! One more stop at the roadside......wooden seat in the normal group. Railway Pyin Oo Lwin railway y..... Public transportation from the railway to your hotels.....

Those are top of the range seating..... Above a look at the Viadukt seen from the north runway, shortly after it exits the Gokteik railway terminal on the way to the railway carriage. The Gokteik railway terminus is a few moments before the south side of the overpass. Nawngpeng & Gokteik pictures are kindly provided by Vincent Ho.

The Nawnpeng railway yard, behind the bridge on the northern side. The northern and southern lines intersect here, so if you take a full excursion from Mandalay, change here and head back southwards. It is a southward going railway that crosses the Gokteik-Viadukt in early 2018. "From Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin, I took the Lashio Line departure, an exciting 7-hour voyage through some of Burma's most beautiful landscapes.

Have a cozy breakfasts in the hotels and then get on the trains to enjoy a full itinerary. I was 40-minute late for my platoon, so I had enough spare minute to try the delicious meals of the locals at the railway/trainstation.

There was enough room when the platoon came to sit down and get settled. The result is an impressive lateral motion as the trains accelerate out of the railway and through the city. The" Upper Class" seat is the smoothest and broadest in the car, but that's the big deal, because the whole car is quite old and soiled.

She gave me the opportunity to speak to the local people, see other travelers and have a truly Myanmar adventure. Any door on the platoon can be opened at any moment, and prospective photographs were taken from the wagons all the way.

The arrival in Pyin Oo Lwin was both a relaxation after a physical exhausting voyage and the end of an epoxy and very pleasant ride on the trains. "Number one: The Pull number: andalay is leaving: I have Mandalay coming: Subcategory O = normal category O = luxury category O = normal category O = luxury category.

Zug 41 has a bunk, but it is not 100% safe, so it' s estimated that 55 also has a bunk. Myitkyina Mandalay is 539 km (337 miles). The Hopin is the stop for the Indawgyi Sea, pick-up is by rail to Longton on the shore (2-5 hrs, 4,000 kyat).

The Naba is the railway terminal for Katha, mini-vans hit planes and take you to Katha. View of Platoon 33 from Mandalay to Kawlin & Myitkyina. The Myitkyina railway yard. "At Mandalay railway terminal the morning before our trip we reserved our Upper Class Sleeper ticket to Hopin and had no problem. The price was 17.900kyat per capita for Upper Class Sleeper.

It was 2 hrs too slow and although it was sleepy and carried, it was clear and we had the 4 to 3 cab. It was worrying that we would have an early departure as we would be in Hopin at 03:00, but the trains were delayed at 08:30.

Southwards the first 12:00, which will take 4-5 hrs to get to Hopin. So we bought our ticket during the afternoon and got reserved places in Ordinary Class, which was more than adequate for the shorter trips. There' s a speedboat from Katha to Mandalay, which lasts about 14 hrs and leaves at 5 am.

There' s also a slower vessel run by the state IWT (Inland Water Transport). It took 43h to Mandalay and arrived at 12:00. The ISTC website says that returning for the Mandalay works at 06:00 on Monday, Thursday and Friday, but it is probably best to go with the stream.

It is the rail link between Mandalay and the temple of Bagan, although you may wish to take the Mandalay-Bagan fast ferry. However, you can also take the Mandalay-Bagan fast boat. The Mandalay to Bagan is only 179 km long, which makes this line very sluggish, although the line was only constructed in 1996! The Mandalay Bagan Fast Cruise is your preferred option for this trip, especially in the Mandalay Bagan area, as the trains travel over night but have no sleeper coach and the ferries travel with ( rather than against) the currents.

Pull number: Pull number: andalay is leaving: Departure Bagan (Nyaung Oo): to Bagan (Nyaung Oo): I have Mandalay coming: 1 = First Grade How do I buy a ticket How are Myanmar coaches? The 117/118 is made up of carriages fitted with banks and used by peasants to carry their products.

The Bagan Base is a state-of-the-art marina located in the heart of nowhere, about 5 km south-east of the municipality of Nyaung Oo, 9 km from Old Bagan. However, the railway terminal has a roomy, albeit sparse, "tourist lounge" in which you can sit and relax. The Mandalay to Bagan is 179 km (112 miles). Platoon 119, 07:00 to Mandalay is leaving Bagan railway terminal.

The fast rail links from Rangoon to Mandalay are relatively clear, convenient and even relatively fast. Don't wait for foreign standard on other lines, because rail trips in Burma are an adventurous experience! Coaches are often beautifully sluggish, dirty and fixtures such as lighting and seating are usually not in the best condition.

Superior, First Grade and Regular Grade. Furthermore, there are several sleeper carriages running on multiple lines from Rangoon to Mandalay, on the night from Rangoon to Bagan and on some lines from Mandalay to Myitkyina, in two different models, basic and specialised sills. See below for detail. top-of-the-range The luxury segment has comfy recliners, sometimes with two legs on each side of the corridor, sometimes with one leg on one side and two legs on the other side of the corridor.

Normally all of them are aligned in the driving directions, but can be turned against each other if necessary (e.g. to form a group of 4 seats). Rangoon - Mandalay's top-of-the-range major features are relatively neat and comfy, with new upholstery and drapes on the windows.

The top of the range in the side cars is much dirtier, but still quite comfy, although you will find your car in various repairs..... Top-of-the-range seating on fast passenger services, such as the Rangoon Mandalay and Rangoon Bagan railroad. Top-of-the-range off-road seating is dirtier and in poorer condition, but still comfy.

That is the top of the range in the Shwenyaung ( "Inle Lake") to Thazi slowly tram. Top of the line..... The first grade is almost the same as the normal grade, with simple wood seating, but with an upholstered imitation leather floor. One wonders whether the wood seating of the common classes would be less hot and less soaked.....

The first grade is only available on certain combinations. Top-notch coach, Mandalay-Lashio platoon. Quite chic first classeats on a Rangoon-Mandalay-Express..... Grub beer first grade in the Mandalay - Lashio locomotive..... Common grade..... Common grade has simple wood seat and is quite reasonable for many trips like Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin or Hsipaw.

There is a number on the back (in Myanmar numerals) and each of the passengers has a particular seating number on their tickets, so there is no crowding or scratch for them. Mandalay Lashio platoon common form..... Regular lessons in the Mandalay - Lashiorain. Sleeper of the luxury league..... Luxury Sleeper Coaches run on Rangoon to Bagan on the 3rd and 4th and on some Mandalay-Myitkyina coaches. As a rule, only one Sleeper Coaches per each.

There are two types of berth, the normal sill with a traditional side aisle and a four-bed and two-bed compartment, and the less widespread sill with several completely separated, continuous sections, each with four long bunk beds, a bathroom and an entry gate, but without board. Rangoon -Bagan trains have the default threshold types, Rangoon-Mandalay trains 5 and 6 sometimes have them.

Courses 3 & 4 have the default model. It is a loud and rough journey, so you will be slumbering rather than asleep, but it is good to be able to lay down on a shallow berth in a securely closed cabin on the great adventures of travelling through Burma by rail. As used in the Rangoon-Bagan night express and Rangoon-Mandalay 3 & 4 sleeper coach, the basic sleeper has four large 4-bed cabins and two smaller 2-bed cabins that open from a hallway that runs along the side of the coach and provides entry to the remainder of the coach.

Luxury sleeper in the 4 from Mandalay to Rangoon, regular model with 2-bed & 4-bed cabins opening a side aisle. Top lefthand 4-bed cabin with 2 top and 2 bottom bunks. 2-bed cabins have an upstairs and a downstairs bed. These' special' thresholds are running in trains 5 & 6 Rangoon-Mandalay, although the feedbacks suggest that sometimes, or instead of the specific thresholds, regular thresholds are used on this trains, and the latest feedbacks show that trains 5/6 may no longer be carrying a sleeper at all, so more feedbacks would be welcome.

There' s no hallway and no entrance between or from your cabin to the remainder of the platoon, so passengers in specific sleeping cars cannot use the dining coaches. This seat contracts into a broad lower bed at nigh. Top bunks are secured above the seat.

From Rangoon to Mandalay. At the top right a 4-bed sleeping quarters in the 5th class; when he swivels the body to the right, you see the other top bunk and the seat on the lefthand side of the cab. The reflection of the one on the right can be seen here. There is no entrance to the remainder of the vehicle, neither through the front panel in the back of the photograph, nor through the rear panel behind the photographed vehicle, except through the entrance to the bathroom.

In the picture on the lefthand side another picture of a specific sleeping area can be seen: The two opposite berths contract and make up the lower one. Slightly tilting the body to the right, you can see the other couple of chairs with an overhead bunk; a reflection of the chairs and the overhead bunk can be seen here.

It was taken in the cabin entrance hall with a view of the back of the car, the entrance to both sides and the entrance to the small bathroom behind the film. There is an empty mural, no passage or entrance to the remainder of the platoon.

There is another behind the cameras with a storage cabinet and a gate to a lavatory, but also no entrance through the rail. You take your baggage with you on the trains, you put it on the carriers or at the end of the coaches. Simply ask at the railway terminal.

"and we had our bikes with us. The bikes got a trailer and as soon as the trains came, the boys from the railway stations shoved our bikes into the luggage room. By 2014, foreign nationals had to cover higher rail rates than Myanmarians.

That makes rail transport even more affordable, even though it wasn't previously high. Normally it is simple enough to shop in Burma when you arrive at the railway/trainstation. Reservations can only be made a few calendar weeks before departures and your ticket is handwritten - Myanmar Railways does not even have a website! It has now become easier for Asia to order Burma rail passes on-line.

When you are sure of your data, they are the best way to order rail passes, especially if you want a sleeping car, as these can be scarce. Updated: It has recently been announced that during the high seasons an agent has bought units of sleeping places on Rangoon leaving trams for resale.

If you are waiting for the ward to be purchased, Asia may be the smartest way to dock. They' ve included the most favourite rail lines, but not every town or line as they've just begun to sell seats in Burma. You will be charged the rate you see on their website - the Myanmar Railways rate with a fair surcharge - plus one US Dollars or two cardholder fees.

The Myanmar Railways have no computer system, they are issuing handwritten hardcopy train passes and making a reservation just a few day before depart. You can easily place an order on-line in advanced and have your ticket secured through a floor agents once the reservation is open a few nights before your date of journey, then they will either ship it to your accommodation or you can pick it up.

You can also order your flight passes in person through one of these regional tourist agencies: Myanmar Exotic Tours, Myanmar has exotic Myanmar operations in Rangoon, Bagan, Mandalay & Inle Lake, so you can order your seats at any of these places. They can, for example, get an upmarket Rangoon to Bagan or Mandalay or the other way round for a $25 fee.

Burma Tour East, - can organize travel from Rangoon. Alternatively, try for Rangoon and up. Swe Myan Star Travels & Tours, for Rangoon travel. com. They will buy your ticket in your name and have it shipped to your accommodation for a small surcharge.

Neither of the two agencies I used myself, but Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours has received some very good feedback so far. Optional 3, Buy your railway stations ticketing..... It is very simple to buy your travel passes in the railway terminal. The booking is not computerized but on the basis of handwritten booking sheets so that you can only make your booking at the railway terminal where your trip begins, not for trips that start from another location.

Each central railway terminal has a clear information panel showing the timetables in English and sometimes also the tariff. Superior classes can be booked 3 nights in advanced. Normal classes can only be booked one full workingday before departure. It is not possible to buy your seats until the reservations are open. Except for the time and fare, there are relatively few English language tags, but don't be worried - just ask at the first available counter and as a non-national you will usually be asked to come to the cash register (!) and be asked to take a seat while someone is being phoned to help you.

These are handwritten outlines. I would suggest that you buy your pass at least the morning before your trip, if you can, but it is usually not hard for a non-resident to get a place in the upper or normal classes on the date of depart. There is only one sleeper per ride on the Rangoon -Mandalay line, so make reservations one or two days in advance if you can, or order in advanced.

However, it is unlikely that you will have any problems with the Rangoon to Bagan service on the date of depart. If you want to buy your own Rangoon rail ticket on the exact date of your trip, go to the railway terminal. You can buy a ticket for every ticket that leaves the same time.

Grab your pass and go into the train terminal at the right front door and for Mandalay or Bagan travel cards, look for the first counter on the lefthand side. There is a coin change machine and several cash machines at the train stations, as well as a kiosk and a café.

Please contact the Rangoon Advance Sales Office to purchase Rangoon rail passes 1-3 nights before departure. Grab your pass and go to the ticket office, which is not in the railway terminal itself, but on Bogyoke Aung San St. on the southern side of the track, opposite Sakura Tower & 33rd St. and across from Traders Hotel.

This is the first one on the lefthand side for bookings from Rangoon to Mandalay. It is also possible to reserve your rail travel through your accommodation. At Mandalay, to buy your rail passes, go to the box offices on the first level of the railway terminal, above the railway lines. Yangon Railway Park.

Amazingly, Rangoon's imposing railway terminal is located on the extreme (northern) side of the track from the center of the town. Do not go there to buy your ticket! Entry to Rangoon ticket sales point on Bogyoke Aung San Road, on the south side (city center) of the route. Within Rangoon's ticket sales point on Bogyoke Aung San Road.

On the far lefthand side is the ticket to Mandalay or Bagan. Bangkok is handwritten! Cruising the Irrawaddy by steamboat is perhaps the best way between Mandalay and Bagan. Mandalay-Bagan fast shuttle is a beautiful way to explore Burma's riverside lifestyle.

There is a two times a week fast local passenger service, the initial fast day tourist service operated by the local people, the competitor MGRG fast passenger service and an intermittent fast Malikha service. For the Orient Expres 4 nights deluxe options, see the Mandalay Road section below. Mandalay-Bagan Expressway Line = Shwewe Keinnery Boat Line, very recommendable, price US$35 if purchased directly, US$40 purchased through your resort.

For MGRG = MGRG Expresferry, price $45 per passenger, also recommend At Mandalay this boat uses the MGRG pier, see its location. The Malikha Expressferry (not shown here) = Mandalay-Bagan Expressfähre Malikha, price $43, operates on certain schedules, which are announced one months in Advance at Inland Water Transport (IWT) low speed domestic water transport with staterooms, Mandalay-Bagan 18,000k yat (about $18) per capita, please review the schedule and time when you are in Burma, estimated feed back.

Buying tickets: You can book your ticket for any of these crossings through your hotels or agents, or through MTT agencies in the larger cities (there is an MTT agent at Mandalay train stations or in Rangoon near Sule Paya) or at Inland Water Transport (IWT) agencies.

The IWT offices in Mandalay are situated on 34th Street, a few hundred meters from the riverbank on the lefthand side overlooking the rivers. Preferably you buy a pre-arrival pass the previous evening, but it is possible to buy a pre-arrival pass on the early afternoon of your departures, make sure you get there before 5:00 am to make sure you find a place.

The Shwekeinnery Mandalay-Bagan Expressferry..... Mandalay-Bagan, the fast passenger liner. There' s a café and café on the top floor. The Mandalay Bagan slowly ferries on the..... 5 day Mandalay to Bagan or 9 day Rangoon to Bagan on a luxurious waterbus..... The Irrawaddy is connected by a luxurious water catamaran between Mandalay and Bagan and offers 3 or 4 overnight stays in one direction and 7 nights drive back between Mandalay and Bagan.

It is managed by Belmond, who also operates the renowned Venice Simplon-Orient-Express & Eastern & Oriental Express. Mandalay road also occasionally performs 11 overnight drives via Bhamo in the north. Initially constructed in 1964 as Nederland, it travelled through the Rhine Valley for 30 years before being sent to Burma in 1995, where it was re-named The Road to Mandalay after Rudyard Kipling's poetry.

The 3-night Mandalay to Bagan luxurious tour will cost approximately 1,640 per passenger, includes en-suite cabins, restaurants, tours and transfer. She is now accompanied by a second ship, the Orcaella, which undertakes two way yachting between Rangoon and Bagan and travels north for 9 days/8 evenings of about 3,600 pounds per passenger......

Mandalay Road, seen from the Shwekeinnery Reg ular Shwekeinnery Expressferry between Mandalay & Bagan..... This is an interesting trip if you have a free time in Rangoon..... A lot of people take a trip along Rangoon's circular line, a shaky procession that gives a great impression of a subway.

From the small Yangon Central Railway Terminal on track 6/7, you can buy a 200-kat ( £0.14 or $0.20) bus pass every 30min. in broad afternoon light and get on the next one. There is now at least one air-conditioned move on the circumference for which a higher price of 300k yat is calculated, but you can't tell when or if this move is coming!

Recent reportedly, foreign nationals are being routed to a dedicated newsstand at Rangoon railway stations to buy 1,200 kyats ($1.20) for a circuit line pass, while local residents are paying 100 kyats. You can now take land bus and uneven trains between Thailand and Burma. Three important Thai-Myanmar crossing points are open to visitors, do not need permits and allow continued travels to all other parts of Myanmar.

Before traveling you must apply for a Myanmar travel permit, it cannot be purchased at the Myanmar frontier - you can order an e-visa on-line, which is now acceptable at three Thai frontiers, at Same as above for Moulmein - Rangoon train.

From Dawei the journey is slower, so this is less well known. Stage 1, take the famous death railway from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi by rail, see the bridge on the river Kwai page for timetables, rates & how to buy it. They can simply show up and buy a 100 Balt railway pass a days, it can't be sold out.

Even mini-vans often depart from Bangkok and need 2 hrs, although it is much more beautiful and historic to take the trains. From Kanchanaburi to Ban Phunamron: Buses and minibuses depart from Kanchanaburi Central Railway Terminal. To be brought directly to Dawei includes the appropriate stop at Myanmar custom.

Stage 5, for moves between Dawei, Moulmein, Kyaikto, Bago & Rangoon, see section above. Stage 1, for moves between Rangoon, Bago, Kyaikto, Moulmein & Dawei, see section above. Stage 2, from Dawei to Htee Kee: Minivans depart from the Dawei mini van stop just behind the city' s main school.

Stage 3, from Htee Kee to Ban Phunamron: Myanmar's migration is in the cement house on the hillside, to the south of the town. There are empty pickups going to Thailand, full pickups to Myanmar. Leaving the immigrant camp, a far away street on the far right leads up a mound that looks like a gas filling plant with a leafy canopy.

You leave at 06:00, 07:20, 11:00 and 14:30 o'clock, last one hours and costs 100 Ba. Stage 5, for Kanchanaburi to Bangkok see the page Bridge by the Kwai River for timetables, ticket prices and purchase. 10:30 am from Kanchanburi to Ban Phunamron, at Kan'buri main sta.

It took 3 min. to get out of Thailand and 5 min. to arrive in Myanmar. Keep in mind that there is a half-hour gap between Thailand and Myanmar. As a rule, you can cancel your reservation free of charge - so you can validate your reservation without any risks before the start of the reservation.

Rangoon's celebrated and marvelous beach hotel is Rangoon's counterpart to Singapore's sweepstakes, just as historical and almost as pricey, but actually even more beautiful. The Thamada Hotel is very close to the train stations for a more down-to-earth rate and within a short walk of the entire Yangon downtown, from about $85 per overnight, although there are many other good options.

Bagan Thande Hotel has beautiful riverfront cottages and is within easy walk of the Old Bagan attractions, from about $70 per room per day for a two-bedroom.

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