How to get to Mergui Islands

Where can I get to the Mergui Islands?

From Bangkok you can either fly or take the bus or train to Ranong, a small town on the Thai border on the Pakchan River. Getting there in Mergui Archipelago. Useful information for your trip to the Mergui Archipelago. When we arrived at the jetty, the boat prepared for today's adventure. How soon can you visit the Mergui Archipelago?

Getting to and moving in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar Burma

While in Myanmar, you can take a plane from Yangon to Kawthaung or a coach from Yangon to Mergui City, while coming from Thailand, you have to crossing the Ranong/Boarder. There is only one way to get from islands to islands by ferry; yachting is very much appreciated to discover all the inlets of this rugged isle.

The Mergui Archipelago by the cheaper route - Travelogue - Myanmar Message Board

From time to time you ask in this forums if you can see the 800 magic islands and the astonishing islands on the inexpensive....... in a delimis. Last year a small group of us explored the beach and the islands around Dawei and further southwards.

They are open without permission, 20-30 islands really breathtaking. The Myeik migration became more relaxing in late 2014 and when you went down the landing stages to the migration bureau and asked if you would let a full days for Kala and Kadan Islands (sometimes even further a field), these islands are enormous and if you leave the other side of them, you get beautiful sandy shores and good depth.

Dawei peninsular also boasts memorable and in many cases better than the islands, and don't forget to keep them as nice as when you arrive, taking your garbage with you and respect the locals, as they are the real jewel of the area.

Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago: Over 800 unaffected.....

Myanmar has many places that are incredibly untouched in a global marketplace where every prospective resort becomes another location for franchising fastfood. Earlier known as Burma, the land is extensive and has a variety of eco-systems to enjoy. These include the Mergui Archipelago in the southern part of the state.

Here you can boat, snorkel, dive and fish in incredibly clear waters. The locals are as interesting as the wildlife, and they are also known as Moken or lake glyphe. These are excellent floats and scuba diver who earn their livelihood plunging for beads, mussels and other ocean resources.

You can get to the islands from Yangon, Myanmar, or by ferry from Kawthoung or Dawei. It is also possible to cross there. Most of the islands have a missing infrastructures, so you won't find any 5 star hotels here. Accommodation of your choise is the Myanmar Andaman Resort.

Although it' s known as a resorts, you don't think that Club Med-it is more of an eco-lodge, but what it needs in the amenities of a real resorts, it more than makes up for in its unspoilt beauty in its area. It offers kayak and snorkelling excursions and it is even possible to attend most dive training programs for those who wish to enhance their scuba skills.

And if you don't like your stay on land, take a look at one of the many cruising opportunities. Naturally, the longer you decide to go on a trip, the more you can see and do. With your choice of cruising, you have choices concerning the category of vessel you want to keep in mind that you will be on board the vessel for the length of your trip, implying that you should select the same standard of amenities that you would prefer more in a motel.

Even if your particular interest lies in scuba you should have a look at one of the many ships that specialize in it.

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