How to get to Mergui Archipelago

Where to get to the Mergui Archipelago?

The journey is easy and you have different travel possibilities. Coming from Myanmar, you can fly directly to Kawthaung Airport. Where to get to the Mergui Archipelago? Please have a look at our FREQ!

Scheduled 6-day excursions in the Mergui Archipelago start in Kawthaung in southern Myanmar, just across the Thai-Beltier. Coming from Myanmar, you can take a direct flight to Kawthaung International Airfield. We will be pleased to reserve your ticket and help you organize transport and pick-up at the Aiport.

A further possibility is the flight to Ranong International Aerodrome. It is well serviced by locals, but we can also collect you from Ranong Aiport. As soon as you arrive in Ranong, take a long tail canoe across the Pakchan River to Kawthaung on Myanmar's side, which will take about 30 mins.

The Phuket International Airfield is a comfortable and easily accessible area. It is a picturesque 3 - 4 hour drive from there to Ranong, the Thai city. Every meal on the boat, all soft beverages, all sports, petrol, etc. Visas, transfer to and from the airports and visitors' tax that the Myanmar authorities charge to foreign nationals are not covered.

No, our seasoned sailors can do all the yachting for you while you are relaxing. Get engaged if you like or get to know how to sail during your journey. Do I need a Myanmar visas? Are you sure it's secure to visit Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago? In our area there are no conflict and no buccaneers.

There' s a medium malarian hazard in the south of Myanmar, and you should take precautionary measures by being insect resistant and wear long arms and pants when you're on land at nights (which is probably not much). Accommodation is complete, with bed linen, bath linen, all food, bottled drink and drinking cups. Between the end of October and the end of April is the best period for sail.

Approximately 26-29°C are used. Do you have electricity, clean running waters, access to the web? There' s plenty of clean hot and cold running hot shower and toilette.

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