How to get to Burma

Getting to Burma

Discover Burma's unique traditions and culture. What is the best way to get to the Burmese Nairobi Stock Exchange by bus? It has never been easier to visit the Burmese Nairobi theater. Moovit provides you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide when travelling from your present position or from a top tourist destination or one of the large local transport companies. See itineraries on a roadmaps, timetables for buses and trains, arrivals and services warnings so you know exactly how to get to the Burmese theater.

If you are travelling to the Burmese markets scene, use Moovit's Living Directories with Get Off Notifications to know exactly where and how far you need to go, how long you have to waiting for your line and how many stations are still available. When it' safe to get out, Moovit warns you - you don't need to keep checking if it is the next station.

To Burma by land

An seasoned sailor, Jim Woods was fortunate enough to lead one of these first voyages to Burma. "It' s astonishing when you come to Burma from China - the changes are immediate - in terms of eating, clothing and lifestyle in general. Other companies made goods from recycling metals - old lorry feathers were turned into blades, machets and bell etc... and in another shop old crafts were made into old canoes".

"If you travel over land, you get to see the delights, but you can also stop at a temple off the beaten track - we had an escorting vehicle and a guidebook, so we were quite self-sufficient, and if we wanted to go there, the guidebook would just arrange it once in a while. Also we had a great part of the trip with the trucks between the temple in Bagan and in Mandalay we did the sightseeing trip with the trucks, which was a lot of fun".

"but we' re not going to talk about long distance. It' great in these trucks anyway. and women who roll smokers sit on their doorsteps." "As we left Burma, the highway to Thailand was very small and meandered over a hilltop.

There' s a strange but logic transport system where everything from Thailand goes to Burma on uneven dates and from Burma on even dates. For me, travelling was the most important thing anyway."

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