How to get to Burma

Getting to Burma

Take normal precautions in Burma. Booking flights to Myanmar today. Flying to Myanmar is no longer just a dream of wanderlust. Now, before you go to Myanmar. Like India, Myanmar is slightly less polluted (with the exception of terrible air pollution).

Getting to Myanmar

Because of the fact that it has only recently appeared on the global television screen, some travellers may not know how to get to Myanmar. Since this is becoming one of the hotter tourist and cruising venues, we will be spending some quality leisure and leisure pursuits to find the best way to Myanmar and enjoying its cruising and cruising venues.

Myanmar has many places to see and cultural experiences. Located in the centre of Southeast Asia, bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand, the area has a profound and interesting ecological heritage, a Buddhist and traditional cultural heritage, and many old architectonic wonders.

Even though the number of trips to Myanmar (Burma) is growing and opening up to the rest of the globe, the tourist sector is still in its early stages. All non-Myanmar residents require an entrance permit with a pass at least six month after your date of departure. Travellers who do not have a permit or permit may not generally embark on an aircraft to Myanmar.

If you are travelling to Myanmar, you should consult the website of the Myanmar Ambassador or use an expert locally based credit card company to get the right type of work. Burma has also started to provide an "e-visa", which can be requested on-line on its website. Burma has two major multinational airfields in Yangon (RGN) and Mandalay (MDL) and a third less used multinational airfield in Nay Pyi Taw (NYT).

The Yangon Int'l i nternational a r port, 9.3 km (15 km) from the center of Yangon, is the most important and busiest Myanmar i nternational aerod. Yangon is the base for all German and some 30 foreign companies. Currently there are no non-stop non-stop services directly from North America or Europe to Myanmar (Burma), but global companies such as ANA, Cathay Pacific, China Air, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airways, Qatar Airways and Thai Airways offer services from larger destinations such as Atlanta, Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, Seattle and Toronto.

Travels within Myanmar (Burma), for example from Yangon to Mandalay, can be done with an Irrawaddy River cruise or a native carrier operating within the state. When you have a fixed route, you should buy your home air ticket before you get to Myanmar, as the timetables are filling up quickly.

As these national services are provided by smaller regional carriers, it is common for them to purchase airline ticket services from them. We recommend that you work with a regional agent, airline or hotels to make sure you find the best possible trip for you.

When you choose to buy your travel passes upon your flight to Myanmar, make sure you have a lot of money, as your travel agent is almost always there. Further travel targets are the antique town Bagan directly at the Irrawaddy River - over the Nyaung U Airport (NYU) or an Irrawaddy River Cruise - and the memorable Inle Lake in the hilly Shan state - over the Heho Airport (HEH).

Each airline, both internal and external, sets limits on height and baggage weights, and many companies limit the number of baggage items per passenger. In Southeast Asia, which includes intra-Asian and internal Myanmar (Burma) baggage, the typical baggage check-in rate is 44 (20 kg) per passenger (not per piece of baggage). Keep in mind that the same limitations may not apply internationally and domestically.

If you would like more information about travelling to Myanmar (Burma), please visit our Myanmar travel guide or call us to talk to our travel specialists. It is also recommended to have a look at our range of Myanmar River Cruises, where you can experience Myanmar in a comfortable and stylish way.

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