How to get to Bagan

Getting to Bagan

You can travel to Bagan by bus, train, taxi or plane. Almost all year round Bagan is hot. In this short guide you will find the best ways to explore Bagan so that your guests can make the most of their time in the city. Powerful river currents have already washed away half the area of Old Bagan. In former times it was a rectangular piece of enclave protected by an enclosure wall.

What's the best way to get to Bagan from Yangon?

The Yangon and Bagan are 2 of 4 of Myanmar's most popular holiday resorts. The majority of our foreign guests stay several nights in and around Yangon and then go to Bagan on their Myanmar-trip. What's the best way to get to Bagan from Yangon? Useful information for transport from Yangon to Bagan.

Usually the night coach takes about 9 - 10 hrs to cover the 611 km stretch between Yangon and Bagan. Roads are pretty good and the over night coach service is better than you can think of from transport in Burma. A night coach ride from Yangon to Burma can help you saving a great deal of cash (it is 15,000 - 18,000 kyats for a single ticketing service and you can also get a 1-night discount on the hotel).

Buses usually leave Yangon city centre at 6pm every night and arrive in Bagan around 4pm. So, make your reservations for Bagan and get ready for the shuttle from the coach terminal to your accommodation. Travelling from Yangon to Bagan by rail during the trip to Myanmar is very time-consuming (15-17 hours) and usually inconvenient.

and your berth in the stateroom is pretty tough to get to sleep in. It' a little strange that you can't buy your bus passes at the railwayhof. Instead, you will need to buy them from some Yangon central agencies. When you need to fly as cheaply as possible, a normal 4,500 Kyat (4 USD) regular place card can be an economic option.

But please keep in mind that it won't be a very pleasant trip. Meals and drinks are provided throughout the trip but are not part of the fare. Normally the train leaves Yangon train stations at 4 pm and arrives at Bagan around 10 am. A Bagan-Yangon trip is the simplest and most time-saving way to get around Burma.

Air Bagan is probably the best carrier to fly the routes of Yangon International and Nyuang U airports (the nearest to Bagan ), but you can also select between Air Mandalay and Myanmar Airways. The flight from Yangon to Bagan costs about 95 - 155USD/trip, according to which carrier you select and when you book.

Nyuang U Airport is 7km from Bagan, so see if your lodging or your hotels will be there. Burma is a "gateway" to Southeast Asia with its..... Burma Travels has grown considerably in recent years. "I' m travelling to Myanmar, where shall I sleep?

In Yangon is one of the 4 most important touristic centres in..... This is the first obstacle on your journey to Myanmar in particular..... Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, was the capitol of Myanmar..... It' hard to say what the best trips in Myanmar are like........ Bagan, the antique town, was called the town of.....

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