How to get Myanmar Visa

What is the best way to get a Myanmar visa?

Most nationalities require a visa to enter Myanmar (Burma). To get a Myanmar visa, the easiest way is through the online e-visa system. Only two countries in the region do not offer VOA (Visa-on-arrivals) - Vietnam and Burma. Getting a day visa has not always been easy and you need good reasons to support the urgency. Here is a guide to applying for a Myanmar visa in Singapore before I drown you with posts about Myanmar.

Obtaining a visa to Myanmar

Persons of most nations need a visa to travel to Myanmar (Burma). Persons holding passports from the following states are exempt from the visa requirement for 14 working nights and are only allowed to travel via an airport: Singaporeans who hold a Singapore visa grant 30-day visa exemptions for entry and exit from Singapore's airport.

You can get a Myanmar visa easily through the eVisa on-line system. Visas for tourists and businesses are acceptable as well. However, if you are planning to arrive in Myanmar at a port or checkpoint, we suggest that you go to an Myanmar Embassy or Chinese Embassy or Chinese Government Office to get your visa, which is a less expensive and more convenient way to get your visa than using the on-line application form.

Myanmar's eVisa system is a Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population funded research program. From the time of filing to the time of authorization, the procedure is carried out via the on-line portal. Note that the authorization letters are effective for up to 90 calendar working day from the date of issuance and are applicable to a specific listing.

Here is a full listing of those jurisdictions whose holders are entitled to obtain a Tourist eVisa. For a full listing of those jurisdictions whose holders are entitled to obtain Business eVisa, click here. Myanmar visas can be obtained from an overseas diplomatic mission or a foreign diplomatic mission. Every visa requestor must fill in the visa request sheet and file it together with the embassy:

The demands depend on the location. A number of messages may apply for an on-line meeting before you come in order to apply in person. However, some messages will not be accepted. Exceeding a visa in Myanmar from 1 to 90 nights will cost $3 per night, plus a $3 filing charge. However, if you exceed your visa, it can be difficult to make hotel or national flight reservations, as some establishments do not accept overbooked people.

When you come to Myanmar on a luxury yacht charter, you must get in touch with your travel operator to apply for a visa. We recommend that you apply for your visa in the Myanmar Consulate or Missions. Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The trips begin or end in Yangon or Mandalay and last about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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