How to get into Burma

Getting to Burma

The days stay very warm, but it can get chilly at night in the mountains. An anti-Muslim violence and Burma's modern borders by Francis Wade. Laos' accession to ASEAN was undisputed. There are three main parts of the cost of a trip to Myanmar: hotels, transportation and travel guides. In spite of its exotic name, the modern Mandalay is overcrowded, dirty and is mainly used by travellers as a transit station for entry and exit.

Cross from Thailand to Myanmar Mae Sot to Myawaddy

When you reach the coach terminal, there is a Green Coach booking counter on the left-hand side. Currently, this is the only enterprise that has coach connections to the Thai city of Mae Sot. Entrance fees are 210 Bahts (about $6 or 4) or 290 Bahts (about $8 or 5) per passenger.

It is about 7 km from the coach terminal in Mae Sot, so it is probably a little too far to go on foot, unless you have a great deal of space and effort and very little of it! Motorcycle taxis to the frontier are about 100 bahts ($3 or 2) and they seem very unwilling to swap.

Currently, the pickup trucks say they don't take them to the frontier (not sure if that's real and if so, why don't they take them to the frontier?!). When you want to take a stroll, go from the central train terminal to the Hauptstraße (3 minutes walk) and go westwards.

Below you can see the position of the coach terminal in Mae Sot and the western frontier. On the other end of the Friend Pier you will see an immigrant bureau (left) where you enter Myanmar. Once you rocking in Myawaddy, you start to think you're entering another game!

There' s at least 3 ATMs, just a minute's walking distance from the frontier. These are fortified on the shores and are situated closely together on the right and lefthand sides of the highroad. While there are those who trade their Thai baht for a Kyat, make sure you trade for a good one!

There are daily busses and automobiles on the Myawaddy-Hpa An highroad. If you are a divided auto to Hpa On starts at around 10,000k yat (around $10 or 7) however if you are bartering and are willing to go on you may be able to get it much cheaper. If you are looking for a cheap auto to Hpa On, you may be able to get a new one.

We' ve got a common vehicle up to 5,000 kyats per head (about $5 or 3) by going quite far from the frontier. Most of the common minibuses and cabs are waiting at the frontier, so that you can go directly to one. There are three of them who share 950 Thai Baht.

In order to get from the frontier to the coach ticketing counter, turn off to the lefthand and almost go back to yourself as you continue along the street. Inquire about Shwe Mandalar (pronounced "Sher-wee Man-dal-ar"), who will turn another street to the right into some run-down outbuildings. Hpa An travel costs 8,000 kyats (about $7 or £5) and Yangon travel costs 12,000 kyats ($11 or £8).

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