How to get from Yangon Airport to City

What is the best way to get to the city from Yangon Airport?

The Yangon is planning a shuttle service from the airport to the city centre. Myanmar's largest city, Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) remains a highlight of every trip. Unfortunately, the best way to get around in this traffic-calmed city is by taxi. In all likelihood, however, you will land in Mandalay or Yangon and take a bus there. The journey from Yangon to Ngapali leaves much to be desired.

The Yangon International Airport: Shuttles & Metro-train

The Yangon International Airport (Myanmar, Burma) provides city and airport transportation, as well as public transportation and taxis. Since the above airport busses and train connections are upgraded every 2-3 month from their source to make sure you are aware of any changes in your current timetable during your journey, please contact the airport information desks to validate your transportation agreements upon your final arrivals.

Arrival from the airport to the city centre by bus

After arrival at Yangon Airport (RGN) you must first pass through customs to obtain the stamp (visa) that will allow you to travel to the Philippines. For more information, see our Myanmar Visa section. Usually these newsstands are branch offices of road bankers and the rates are almost the same as in central Yangon, so you can convert all your cash directly at the airport, the Kyat is the Kyat and the rates are about 1 ? = 1320 Kyats (April 2016) or 1$ = 1200 Kyats.

It is about 15 km from the city centre and the easiest way to reach the airport is by cab, as there is no immediate traffic connection: no buses, train or minibus. You can book a taxicab at one of the pre-determined newsstands in the arrivals area, there is a signposted newsstand right next to the luggage area, the fare for the cab is about 12.000 Kyat (10$ or 9?).

So if you want to be a little more adventure, but definitely the most economic way to the centre, here's what you can do: Same as for the way back to the airport - just backwards, the precise point of the 51 bus's exit from the city centre is between Merchant Rd & Post Office Rd & Post Office St (as shown in the above picture).

The only thing to be concerned about are the numbers in Myanmar, as they are not spelled the way we are used to to identifying the number of the coach, see the picture below, it might help you.

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