How to get Burma Visa

What do I need to do to get a Burma visa?

We kindly ask you to take sufficient time for the processing. ""Burma is beautiful this time of year! Getting a Myanmar visa for French citizens is easy and convenient. This is probably an attempt to attract more tourists to the recently opened country.

Where can I get a Myanmar visa in Singapore?

Singapore is the second largest gateway to Burma after Thailand with JetStar Airways kindly providing cheap air travel to Rangoon (Yangon). If you are considering a trip to Burma after Aung San Suu Kyi nodded to independents, Singapore should be a good place to get your visa, as it has a Burmese embassy where you can get a four-week tourism visa.

However, only Singaporeans or those with a long-term passport can submit applications. Getting a visa through the Singapore embassy is a little difficult, and if you can get an eVisa or get one elsewhere, that's a good choice. Singapore does not allow Singapore visitors to obtain a visa for Burma (Myanmar).

You must now make an appointement via the website of the Myanmar Mission - the top right-hand corner of the page is" Make an Appointments for Visa Service". Then you must fill out the on-line application for uploading a scan of your photograph.

After submission and approval, the dispatch will send you an e-mail request and you must appear at the dispatch between 8 a.m. and noon on the scheduled date to complete the request and provide two more mugs. Yeah, we know you've already done this on-line.

They will then be back this afternoons (:30-16:30-17:30) to collect the visa. The cost of a visa is $35. Here is a good representation of a first-hand visa request (from a Malaysia traveller). Although it's before the on-line date thing.

Stage by Stage on How to Get Your Myanmar Visa in Bangkok Effortlessly

Now you can request your Myanmar visa on-line. I' ll wager you haven't been reading or hearing about Myanmar much five or ten years ago. Recently, however, as Myanmar switched governments and relaxed the strict rules for travel and the outside environment, travellers poured into the land to take a look at an unspoilt area.

With this in mind, I thought getting a visa to Myanmar would be another complex and enigmatic one. It turned out to be one of the simplest visa I had requested for that date, especially since I started to apply at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok. Two important advantages when you apply for your visa in Bangkok:

Visa procedures are much less complex, require fewer documentation from you and are quicker than in most other embassies in Myanmar (especially in the US). Bangkok to AirAsia airfares are very reasonable and cost about $40 each way (about what I payed for). You now have the opportunity to apply on-line so that a stay at the Swiss Federal Foreign Office is no longer necessary.

If you have the opportunity and will be in Bangkok, the application at the host country's host country is less expensive than the on-line application. An eVisa is $50 on the offical website and can take about five working nights (but mine was cleared within 12 hours). Conversely, the application at the message will charge you something from $23 to $36 (depending on the actual transformation and if you process the same date or one or two working days).

How to get your Myanmar visa: You should know that you will receive a tourist visa in Bangkok that allows you 28 nights in the state. Visas are issued three month from the date of issuance.

They can also request a business visa, but I will concentrate here on the tourist visa. Fill in the forms at the front and back that you received at the ambassadors. It is only the essential information, your Myanmar accommodation location, your work story and the purposes of the trip.

It' also known that the message knows the Google people's backgrounds, so don't tell lies. 2×2 images (either ID or passport): They do this in the message, but they make available shears, adhesives and paper clips next to switch 4. If you do not have two images, you can take them with you in the shop opposite the message.

You will receive your unique ID card and a copy of your ID card showing the page with your information. At the time of publication, the Swiss Federal Office of Migration provides three visa services: Arrival at the Embassy: It' very simple to get to the message. You will see the message at a crossroads next to Thanon Pan (Thanon is "Street in Thai), from where you turn south.

This is the visa request door, not the Sathorn one. A chaotic line for the visa request. Just select the input field and fill it out (or have it printed), then make the line for #4. At the desk, the officer will verify that all your documentation is in order and that the completed questionnaire is correct.

There, you will eventually hand in your papers, choose a date, a date or two for visa handling and settle for the visa (they will give you changing if you have big notes). You will receive a valid voucher with which you can collect your visa at the agreed time.

If it is your daily time to get your visa, you have from 15:30 to 16:30 time to do so. Just line up the line for the ticket office indicated on the ticket, get the visa on presentation of the ticket, done! The Myanmar visa!

Near the message there are some places where you can make photocopies or take pictures. I' ve gone to the one who is about 100 metres from the message, if you run along the Thanon Sathorn with the procession on the right side. You can obtain a copy of the request forms from there (or other shops) if the Swiss Federal Foreign Office has none available.

Please make sure to look at the embassy's public holiday in advance, as they are observing both Thai and Myanmar publicity. When you have received your visa, please review it before you leave the visa office to ensure that all your information is accurate. Recently you are permitted to travel across the frontier by road as soon as you have a visa in your hands instead of just travelling, but make sure that the frontier you are crossing by road allows this.

Inquire at the consulate, as your needs and rules may vary at any given moment. Celebrate your journey to Myanmar!

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